Virgins Rocker Interviews Songwriter Casey Desmond

From TV to touring, up-and-comer Casey Desmond is making the music rounds.

Virgins Rocker Interviews Songwriter Casey Desmond

From TV to touring, up-and-comer Casey Desmond is making the music rounds.

-Kevin Rice, Drummer for The Virgins

Kevin Rice and Casey Desmond

I sat down with new artist and contracted composer for Harpo productions, Casey Desmond for a chat about bands, famous bass players and why she’s gaga for Gaga.

What is your role as a composer at Harpo productions?
I’m going to give them the best I can! My role will be composing a library of music, so if they need some crazy tunes playing for the introduction of a TV show or some different instrumentals, anything that they need pretty much.

Have you worked with Oprah over at Harpo?
No. I haven’t yet.

Who are some of your favorite new artists?
My library is crazy with all sorts of music. I am a big fan of Bat For Lashes and La Roux. I think they’re lots of fun. For rock bands, I like psychedelic crazy rock music with a little bit of electronic influence in there.

What is your guilty pleasure music?
I don’t think I’m ashamed to love any kind of music. As much as I love to listen to weird indie music, which is what I listen to the most, I like to listen to mainstream stuff just to learn and to dance. I think it is kind of my guilty pleasure because most of my dorky hipster friends are kind of like “oh come on!”

Lady Gaga: Love her or hate her?
I think that she is a genius. I think that she is taking over the industry and that she’s really smart and talented too. She’s not just a businesswoman who knows what she’s doing she is also a talented musician as well.

Does your background in fashion influence your music?
Definitely. I think that if somebody is not afraid cross boundaries with their clothing and with their lifestyle they shouldn’t be afraid to go out of the boundaries with their music as well. I feel like when you push the envelope in one place you can push the envelope everywhere. If you’re abstract with your clothing you can push weird abstract elements into your recording process as well.

What was it like working with Tony Levin? (Legendary bass player for Peter Gabriel and Sarah McLachlan)
He’s very quiet and reserved but he’s very intelligent. He just knows exactly what to put in the right place. He knows where the special little bass sprinkles are supposed to be. He’s amazing and he’s just a really genuine person.

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Are record labels relevant anymore?
It depends on what genre you’re in and what route you want to go. There are a lot of people that find their place in the world musically and can just do everything on their own and I respect those people a lot. I do think that you get to a point where some of the resources that a label has can be really useful for distributing your music and for promotion. As far as building bands and creating acts, I like when people do it themselves.

Kevin Rice plays drums for New York rock band The Virgins.

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