Vote! Is Bristol Palin Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week!?

Who deserves the title-Bristol Palin, Jennifer Lopez, Amy Fisher or Christina Hendricks' lecherous, tongue-tied interviewer?
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Vote! Is Bristol Palin Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week!?

Who deserves the title—Bristol Palin, Jennifer Lopez, Amy Fisher or Christina Hendricks’ lecherous, tongue-tied interviewer?

-Mean Betty

Bristol Palin

Happy Friday, kittens! Mean Betty was nearly brought to tears by those wacky celebrities this week. She’s not sure if it was from laughing at them or out of fear that people can really act so tres stupide. The following list of characters may have the lowest IQs, morals and all around ability to function out of anyone in Celebland – this week at least. Decide for yourself who should be crowned Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week!

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First up…

Bristol “My Fiancé Knocked Up Another Girl” Palin

           Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston

This is what happens when you agree to marry young trashy boys who don’t use condoms and pose for Playgirl, Bristol dahling. Mean Betty was “shocked” to hear the news that Levi Johnston’s old girlfriend, Lanesia Garcia, is preggo with a little eggo and it could be his.

Luckily for Bristol and Levi, he’s only one out of three possible fathers, so there’s a chance! Lanesia sounds like a classy young lady, non? Bristol should be thrilled to be in the category with her under “Alaskan Trollops Levi’s Schtupped.” Marry him ASAP, Bris, before he gets away!

Our second contestant…

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0 thoughts on “Vote! Is Bristol Palin Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week!?

  1. Hahah that guy is blubbering like a fool with Christina Hendricks sitting next to him. But yes, Bristol definitely wins, but J. Lo stooping so low to be on AI is a close second.

  2. Oh c’mon. Yes, Bristol is making a bad choice. No, I don’t care for her. But she’s also still quite young and how many of us took back someone who wasn’t good for us when we were that age?

  3. Amy Fisher, it is a shame that she shot her lover’s wife with a gun, and ruined that woman’s life for a long time and she has made a fortune on that story. I do not support her in any of her ventures.

  4. I just read the story in the real world the baby is not his and they are fighting over another girl not the one who is actually preggers but not by Levi.. These two are too young to get married if they are still fighting over ex girlfriends. The engagement should have covered all of that..

  5. Wow that guy is an idiot! Bristol is young and we all make mistakes and trust the wrong people at times. Jennifer Lopez is my choice she has sunk to a new level, I thought she was smarter then this.

  6. Definitely BRISTOL – she needs to run for the hills! Levi thought he’d be a big star cause of his association w/ her family, when it didn’t work out like he planned, he realized, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!
    Not only that, if he was as nasty as he was during their last break up, (lying about her family, etc.,) he’ll be even worse when it’s a nasty, tawdry divorce. This is a train wreck waiting to happen. Poor Bristol. She’s just trying to do right by her son, but she’ll pay a hefty price.

  7. Actually after this morning’s news I’m starting to feel sorry for Bristol the engagement is off again . Levi Johnston is the one who is nothing but a brainless oppurtunist. Levi is one disgusting human being he does’nt care about Bristol or anyone else but himself. One word of wisdom for you Levi Karma is a woman and she’s a bitch and your day is coming sweetie.

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