Vote! Is Christina Aguilera Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

Who will it be... Taylor Momsen, Xtina, or a former NY Congressman?
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Vote! Is Christina Aguilera Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week?

Who will it be… Taylor Momsen, Xtina, or a former NY Congressman?

-Mean Betty

Christina Aguilera

Good morning, dearest readers! Mean Betty is a tad sleep deprived after staying up way past her bedtime thanks to this week’s collection of high-flying morons.

As you will recall pop crooner Christina Aguilera fudged the lyrics to “The Star-Spangled Banner” just prior to the kickoff of Super Bowl XLV. That particularly memorable performance gave Mean Betty a right giggle, but the cherry on the half-arsed cake came a few days later, when a little bird dished the following to PopEater:

“This is a huge night for Christina so she’s leaving nothing to chance. All the lyrics to her number will be in a TelePrompter at the event so it will be almost impossible for her to mess up again.”

That ‘huge night’ the source is referring to is this Sunday’s Grammy Awards, where Xtina plans to sing an Aretha Franklin tune in an attempt to get back in our good graces.

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Here’s the problem: If Ms. Aguilera were serious about making up for her weighty blunder, she would oh, COMMIT THE LYRICS TO MEMORY INSTEAD OF USING A BLASTED TELEPROMPTER!

Mean Betty is so not amused. How hard is it to memorize the lyrics to “Respect” or “Chain Of Fools”? It isn’t exactly rocket science, pets, Christina isn’t striving to solve world hunger.

That is all.

Option 2: Taylor Momsen’s BIGGEST Faux Pas to Date…

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0 thoughts on “Vote! Is Christina Aguilera Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

  1. I actually felt bad for Christina! She fudged the lyrics in front of millions! I think it is called being human!!!! She messed up, but was professional enough to go on! People are so hateful and judgemental. How many of those people who immediately posted the screw up on the internet could carry a note let alone sing in front of millions?? Give the girl a break!

  2. If Christina had said two simple words, “I’m sorry”, everyone could empathize. What she did though was to screw up something very important and then pass it off as if she “got so caught up in the moment” of things. Oh please; you were inept.

  3. I would say Taylor Momsen for showing up to a children’s movie like that and then using the “I’m just expressing myself” excuse (what Taylor, are you trying to express with that outfit? I can’t think of anything positive you may be trying to say. But seriously, I don’t know how you can beat the Congressman this week. That level of stupidity that not only costs you your career but also probably your family over a woman you’ve never met kind of leaves one speechless.

  4. The congressman, hands down. I also felt bad for Christina; it would be easy so make a mistake like that. Taylor Momson’s outfit is every bit as inappropriate as Betty describes it, and she’d be the winner, if it weren’t for the idiocy of the congressman.

  5. “The Chair no longer recognizes the Senator from the State of New York!!!!” Hands down, Chris Lee gets the nod….it’ll be the only vote he wins for a long, long, *long* time!

  6. The congressman should win. He’s old enough and supposedly wise enough to know better. The other two are in their “growing and learning” stage of life. I can roll my eyes at their behavior, but his is reprehensible.

  7. Oops…Lee wasn’t a Senator…he *was* a Congressperson in the House of Representatives. Like anybody cares but I had to correct my error. Sorry, Betty! But he still deserves “Idiot of the Week”!

  8. a tie between the congressman for being stupid enough to use his own name and email account and Taylor for showing to any event looking like a hooker.
    yes, Christina screwed up but how many of the critics could get up and sing in front of millions and remember all the words to any song?

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