Vote! Is Courteney Cox Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

Who will take the coveted crown: the lovesick cougar Courteney Cox, George Lopez, or Chris Brown? You decide!
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George Lopez

How funny! Mean Betty always thought of “pig” as being a great word to call a loud-mouth, sexist. adulterous a-hole … but apparently George Lopez feels it’s better suited to describe Kirstie Alley on Dancing With the Stars.

Always a class act, George took to his cut-rate show the other night to diss the new DWTS line-up, and he saved his most brilliant remarks for Kirstie Alley.  has the details:

About Kirstie, George says:

“She did a nice job, her little hooves tapping away. Before the show she went to the market, then she had roast beef, and this is her going all the way home … ”

Lopez then aired a clip of the recent Geico commercial featuring a pig:

Such clever word play! Such subtlety! Oh yes – it’s always a sign of brilliance and depth to mock people for their weight, isn’t it? Fat jokes never get old!

Option #3: Chris Brown, go away already…

Kittens, Mean Betty has no patience for temper tantrums, especially when they’re coming from a 21-year-old man and not a small child. Chris Brown proved he clearly needs more work on his anger issues when he busted a window and trashed the backstage area of Good Morning America earlier this week.

The singer was on the morning show to discuss his new album, but when questions came up about his woman-hating ways involving Rihanna, he avoided the topic, only to erupt when the cameras went off. Brown gave a half-assed apology later –one that Mean Betty found extremely laughable — and then pretty much went about his merry way.

But, Mean Betty is happy to report that not everyone is going to let Brown’s pathetic behavior slide. The New York Post says that his publicist, Tammy Brook, is donzo with the hot-headed singer… for good. Wouldn’t you do the same, kittens?

Tell Mean Betty, darlings! Who wins the crown this week?


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Vote! Is Courteney Cox Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

  1. Courteny is woman in love with her man. They have a child together, so I hope that whatever they do is the right thing for them.
    Lopez is just doing what America has paid to see him do for years. It’s too bad that cruelty passes for comedy.
    Chris Brown is my choice for idiot of the century, not just the week.

  2. I don’t see how Sandra Bullock can be friends with George Lopez. Then again, she once chose to marry Jesse James.

    Make up your mind about how to spell Courteney, okay? : )

  3. Courteney just wants her whipping boy back and doesn’t give a damn what people think of her rich ass anyways. Lopez is an idiot anyway you look at it and is getting paid for it. Let’s put it on that dumbass Chris Brown, someone from the morning show should have charged in to the room and kicked his punk ass for breaking the window.

  4. t-bone is right….someone from the show should have kicked Chris Brown’s a** right then when he showed his a** on the morn show.
    Chris Brown is the Idiot of the Week hands down.

  5. Silly Courteney…it seems she just doesn’t know what to do….Gawd, I despise her and her show. George Lopez is, apparently, showing himself for the “puerco” he is. Slam. Then there’s Chris Brown. After staying out of the limelight for awhile, he came back into the mix and should be summarily kicked in his a$$ for the true idiot he is.

  6. As far as Courteney, if they can work it out, why rake them over the coals for it? Let’s face it, when we are mad we lash out at the one who we love the most. Chris Brown is just a spoiled baby. But George Lopez? Not that gets my vote. What a mean SOB it was of him to say that. Kirstie Alley has struggled with her weight just like a lot of us not famous people. It’s hard on us, imagine her being in the public eye and going thru it. She has had class about it and laughed at herself. He is the pig and I will NEVER watch anything with him in it again or watch one of his asinine comedy shows again. I hope his career takes a major hit because of this. He makes me ill!!!!!

  7. George Lopez hands down,

    Courteney is just being human, how many of us have bad mouthed an ex – friend or husband – and then gone back

    An Chris Brown is just being Chris Brown…

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