Vote! Is Halle Berry Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

Who will it be this week, kittens? Diddy, Halle or Ke$ha?
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Vote! Is Halle Berry Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week?

Who will it be this week, kittens? Diddy, Halle or Ke$ha?

-Mean Betty

Halle Berry

Hello again, fellow gossip hounds! Mean Betty’s knickers have been in a permanent twist for what feels like a decade thanks to the drama festering between Halle Berry and her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry.

It’s a headache and a half to read through allegation upon allegation and even more of a headache to attempt to pick a side.

That being said, Mean Betty is starting to wonder if Ms. Berry is really all there.

On Thursday RadarOnline published the contents of a startling email that the Oscar winner sent to her ex:

“You were only good for one thing… Thanks for the donation.”

Besides the fact that her words were a bit much, Mean Betty is puzzled as to how Berry could be SO careless. To quote a line from the almighty Social Network, “the internet isn’t written in pencil, Mark [Halle]; it’s written in ink.”

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Did one of the biggest stars to ever walk the earth truly think that such an email would stay locked away forever? It sounds as though someone had a lobotomy prior to hitting send!

Now pets, let’s continue on our Idiot of the Week journey before Mean Betty’s current boy-toy (he’s a handsome little devil) starts to get antsy.

Option 2: Diddy and His Outlandish Parenting Philosophies …

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0 thoughts on “Vote! Is Halle Berry Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

  1. I disagree with you. After what he said, he deserves for the world to know he was basically a sperm donor. Oh their age difference wasn’t an issue at first but as they get older, it is. Screw him. He was with her for the fame and then when he was “known”, he dumps her? He is an a$$. My personal opinion. She is way better than he is.

  2. BULL Halle Berry has SERIOUS controlling and jealous issues! Every man she has been married to and dated says the same thing, she is WACKO, All this man wants is access to his daughter without asking her permission, that seems fair to me. She should be glad that he wants to be a good dad. It is NONE OF HER BUSINESS who he dates period!

  3. Excuse me Lil Queenie, but Gabriel Aubry was “known”. His being famous in his field was probably one of the reasons Halle was with him – not to mention his looks and personality. I am sure “sperm donor” was not on his bucket list. How does her current boyfriend (Olivier Martinez) rate?? He is cerainly not “known.” I always thought Gabriel made a mistake by being with HER !!!

  4. Hmmm If Hallie refers to him as a sperm donor, he may have been seriously lacking in areas the public is NOT aware of. Any kind of a break-up is hard on BOTH people involved, not to mention what it does for the child(ren)!!!
    Personally, I hope they get this separation over with and everyone survives it, minimally scathed. Sadly, *everyone* will bear these war-wounds! :(

  5. Its parents like Diddy that cause the current generation of teenage to think that its their right to have cars, etc,, and not realize they should work for what the want not just be given some huge gift for good grades.

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