Vote! Is Jennifer Aniston Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

Who deserves the title-Kat Von D, Jennifer Aniston or Lindsay Lohan?
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Vote! Is Jennifer Aniston Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week?

Who deserves the title—Kat Von D, Jennifer Aniston or Lindsay Lohan?

-Mean Betty

Jennifer Aniston

Happy Friday, pickles. Or shall Mean Betty say “gerkins” just for the Jersey Shore fellows? Another week of celeb blunders and mishaps has passed and Mean Betty is on the prowl to bring their sheer idiocy to all her beloved kittens.

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This is a very special edition of Mean Betty because it’s Labor Day weekend, and everyone knows celebs get extra wacky on holiday weekends. Mean Betty doesn’t quite understand why, considering every day is a vacation for the celebutards of Tinsel Town.

But anyhoo, here are Mean Betty’s picks for this weeks biggest idiots.

First runner up…

Jennifer “I’m Dating Lindsay Lohan’s Ex” Aniston

Mean Betty knows it’s tough for Jennifer Aniston to find a man. After all, Jen’s merely a drop-dead gorgeous millionaire with a body that makes Mean Betty so jealous Mean Betty actually went to the gym yesterday. (Putting Grey Goose in the your thermos makes the treadmill far more fun, by the way, pets).

It doesn’t matter how badly Jennifer needs a good goosing from the opposite sex, mes cheries. It is not ever okay to go after Lindsay Lohan’s sloppy seconds.  His name is Harry Morton and he’s the owner of Pink Taco restaurant chains. Mean Betty would love to know if he named his restaurant before or after dating Lindz, kitties?

What’s next, Jen? A date with Sam Ronson?

Second runner up…

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22 thoughts on “Vote! Is Jennifer Aniston Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

  1. The situation with Kat Von D and Jesse James makes me physically sick… or want to punch her in the fact. But, I’d have to say the winner is Jen Aniston. WTF are you thinking, Jen? The boy prob has STDs from LiLo and Hayden Panettiere!

  2. Lindsay What a JERK. The same week Sam Ronson’s dog killed another dog.

    I used to feel sorry for her, but no longer. She should have served her entire term in prison and not in a special section.

  3. I feel sorry for Jennifer, although I’m sure pity is not really necessary. I’m spittin’ mad at Lindsay, after I defended her and stood by her side. And Kat? She’s writing her own history.
    Overall, idiot of the week still has to go to Paris. Gum and coke do not go together.

  4. I just don’t understand Jen…there’s nothing wrong with not dating anyone…I prefer it to dating trash….
    And Jesse has proven he’s a pig…so there’s nothing left to say about him…

  5. I cannot believe Kat and Jesse. She clearly just wants the backwash fame from the Sandra scandal and is clinging on to whatever relevance Jesse has left to boost her own Z-list status.

  6. Jen is hot but her man skills seem to be lacking. As to boyfriends, what is she supposed to do at her age, hunt for a virgin boyfriend, really what a stupid post Betty.

    I for one am glad Jen is finally flashing her panties to the paparazzi and not doing the stupid thing from friends where she wore short skirts but wore black spandex shorts under them. She is ambivalent about her sexuality because she had no problem showing her nipples on Friends but heaven forbid showing panties. Even the stupid cheerleader outfit that comes with tights for the upskirt view she wore the same stupid black spandex shorts. Men love to see panties up skirts. By the way you women who wear short skirts and show your panties, try wearing some lacy ones with some color instead of the deadly dull white nylon panties with no lace. Embrace your sexuality.

  7. Jen~ see looks and money don’t get you everything, Kat~ must not care about monogomy (not everyone does) and Lilo….I feel sorry for her, but could they at least keep her off the streets!?!?!

  8. Jen just needs to date a carpenter or banker or some other unknown person, but it seems she is so hell-bent on being seen in the public eye with a famous person. ugh, she keeps doing this, too! Kat is just plain stupid, and I don’t want to waste any typing on LL.

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