Vote! Is Jesse James Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

Or will Natalie Portman - or perhaps Miss KStew - don the crown?
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Kristen Stewart

If Mean Betty used profanities on a regular basis, you can bet a few would be inserted here quicker than one can mutter “unemployment line.”

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Twilight brat babe Kristen Stewart has a new interview in Vogue and it does nothing but prove that KStew could greatly benefit from trading places with an everyday citizen for an extended period of time!

“There’s no way to eloquently put this. I just can’t go to the mall. It bothers me that I can’t be outside very often — and also to not ever be just ‘some girl’ again. Just being some chick at some place… that’s gone.”

Yes, being “some chick” in Middle America with student loans piled up to the ceiling, a barely functional Toyota Corolla and Top Ramen in the cupboard is much better than kissing Robert Pattinson while collecting millions of dollars, right KStew?

Now dearest pets, tell Mean Betty who you deserves the Biggest Idiot of the Week award. It shouldn’t take long!


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Vote! Is Jesse James Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

  1. Jesse definitely gets my vote. Jesse, it’s like this: The world turned on you because you did a very bad thing! with the person whom you now claim is the only one who stood by you during it. You don’t see the twisted logic in this statement? And you’ve never met ANYONE so committed to making the world a better place (I’d love an example or two)…you can’t think of ONE PERSON who maybe is more committed to such a thing, like for instance your former wife???

  2. Oh c’mon… you HAVE to understand what Kristen meant. I’m sure if she could combine her love of acting along with anonymity, she would. I don’t care what Natalie said, she’s still a fine actress. She just doesn’t like sappy, I guess.
    So my vote goes to Jesse/Kat since they are one and the same, you know?

  3. @mannequin
    Yes, we understand what KStew meant – she’s said it how many times at this point? She gets negative press every time and yet she keeps giving the same tired old interview. Jesse James tweet is pretty bad, but the definition of an idiot is someone who doesn’t learn from past mistakes which means KStew is this weeks idiot! (Or maybe it’s Anna Wintour for putting KStew on the cover of Vogue – KStew’s fanbase is younger than the Vogue readership so what did Ms. Wintour gain from this other than quotes from KStew we’ve all heard before and bad airbrushing???)

  4. This is another divorce in the making. These two idiots belong together. Jesse James had the best and he threw it away for these skanks! I feel so sorry for his children, obviously he cares nothing for them at all. These men need to grow up?

  5. I dont know which is is the dumbest between Jesse Or Kat when you think about it Jess has been married twice and divorced and he cheated on his last wife with Kat whose to say he wont cheat on her and how is his kids going to accept her when they really love Sandra and it wasnt to long he was crying the blues for Sandra and begging her to come back to him and of course there will be times when jesse and Sandra will see each other in the future

  6. It’s got to be Jesse, what kind of person inflicts that kind of heavy duty damage on their wife & kids and then passes the blame to his dad? And he still has no clue why people think he’s a douche?

  7. Jesse James hand down. He and Kat von slut deserve each other I hope they live happily in the bliss of HELL. She looks so dirty with all those tats. She could help him in his cycle shop and you could never tell she had a speck of dirt on her.

  8. I”m definitely giving it to Kristin Stewart this week. She actually ruins the Twilight experience for me because she annoys me so much. I’m SO SORRY that you were chosen to play this role in a series that is BEYOND profitable, that you dont have to worry about paying house payments or buying groceries or medicine for your parents or yourself, and that you dont have to work a 9-5 job every day with only 2 weeks vacation, if you’re lucky. yeah poor little you can’t go to the mall. BOO FRIGGIN HOO. i’ve lived in Los Angeles, and actors DO go to the mall. If people WAY more famous than you can go, I’m sure you can figure out a way! The more she speaks, the less I want to watch her in ANYTHING.

  9. Hurray for Jesse and Kat for taking their relationship to marriage. Ever since the incident between him and Sandra surfaced I felt Jesse and Kat were better suited for one another and I wish them all the happiness that true love will bring

  10. The idiot of the week is clearly barbsc61!!! Only an idiot spews their mouth without knowing what they’re talking about. JJ’s been married THREE, times, idiot, not two. And he didn’t cheat with Kat, he cheated with a slew of sluts, the one named Michelle (who looks NOTHING like Kat) being the one that outed him. Get your facts straight before you open your mouth. You clearly know NOTHING ABOUT THE SITUATION!

    That being said, Jesse James is the idiot of the CENTURY! He just keeps on sinking lower and lower and outskanking himself. Slime of the earth.

  11. Jesse you get my vote. He is so very tacky for not only proposing to Kat, but also for saying that she is the only one who stood by him, Kat wasn’t the one he cheated on yet.

    I feel horrible for Sandra, she doesn’t deserve any of it. Sandra is the only graceful and decent person out of the three of them. She has kept all of her feelings, comments, and dating life out of the limelight.

    Boo to Jesse James!! What kind of sorry example are you setting for your children? The ink is barely dry on your divorce papers. Haven’t you embarrassed and hurt your last wife enough? Is the 4th shot at marriage supposed to be one that you stay committed and faithful to?

  12. come on jessie and kat 1 shes not a home wrecking stank and he fucked up so do lots of men its just hes a celebrity so you guys think he has to be perfect well hes human we all love sandria but you gotta give him a break hes not perfect but at least he dident run he tried to fix it

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