Vote! Is Jodie Foster Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

Who will win the award this week? Reckless fame monger Eva Longoria, the extremely delusional Jodie Foster, or tasteless jerk 50 Cent?
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Vote! Is Jodie Foster Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week?

Who will win the award this week? Reckless fame monger Eva Longoria, the extremely delusional Jodie Foster, or tasteless jerk 50 Cent?

-Mean Betty

Jodie Foster

Salutations, my beauties! Mean Betty has just returned from a gossip fest of epic proportions with her fellow tabloid hoarders. Green martinis, Irish lamb stew and lots of chitchat always puts Mean B in the right mood for ripping these celebs limb from limb.

Let us start with Jodie “God, I love that man” Foster. The two-time Oscar winner ought to have her head examined after the interview she rattled off to The Hollywood Reporter.

Ms. Foster somehow managed to spew out these kind words about her bestie Mel Gibson without spewing up her afternoon snack:

“He’s so incredibly loving and sensitive, he really is. He is the most loved actor I have ever worked with on a movie.”

Pets, do give Mean Betty a moment to locate her jaw.

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What in the name of all that is holy…??! There are no words, kittens. Jodie’s delusional comments about the anti-Semitic woman beater, who is the star of her new movie The Beaver, are only matched by the following quote:

“And he’s not saintly, and he’s got a big mouth, and he’ll do gross things your nephew would do. But I knew the minute I met him that I would love him the rest of my life.”

The last time she checked, Mean Betty’s nephew was caught in a compromising position with the latest copy of Playboy, he wasn’t punching one of the models and threatening to bury her in his rose garden.

Mel, a “sensitive” soul? Right. No wonder this lady is also friends with Roman Polanski.

Option 2: Eva Longoria’s Flip-Flopping Ways…

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0 thoughts on “Vote! Is Jodie Foster Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

  1. Okay Mean B- I get it – you don’t like Mel Gibson. BUT, do note that the charge against him was FAR less than what Oksana accused him of and the police wanted Oksana charged with extortion but the DA thought it would be a tough sell to a jury (cus we like to see women as victims). Doesn’t excuse Mel G – but it does tell you that perhaps he got a bit angry with her for a very good reason! Jodie Foster has been very good friends with Mel G for years now and the fact that she is willing to stand by his side when the world wants to crucify him and let off far worse dudes is not something I would call idiotic behavior.

    With Eva Longoria – she’s known Eduardo Cruz for a couple of years. No, it’s not idiotic that she might be in a place where she might rush into the arms of a guy she’s known quite a while with the divorce going on. I wouldn’t call that idiotic behavior either.

    50 cent – yes tasteless – but Gilbert Gottfried was far worse and he made the comments when his main employer, Aflac, does over 50% of its business in Japan. I know comedian’s say stupid things – but geez – when you’re on the payroll, even comedian’s should when to keep their mouth shut. So idiot of the week is none of who you mentioned – it’s Gilbert Gottfried!

  2. Iagree with Catca. Gilbert Gottfried is idiot of the week. The death of 1000’s and destruction of a large part of a country is NEVER a laughing matter.

  3. Hitting a woman is never OK? LOL. Hitting ANYONE is not OK but we are all human and at times it’s very necessary for them to get the point. What does sex have to do with it? Paying taxes isn’t cool either but hey. I’m with Catca on this one a well.

  4. My jaw too…..dropped, after reading theThe Hollywood Reporter article.Just this past week we had a SWSW event (Austin, Texas), both the music venue and films. Jodie was here to promote ” Beaver” at the Paramount theater. Not a very friendly soul, got a LOT of questions about Mel
    (D-U-H).She sidestepped personal answers,more on his performance in the film,which actually critics say he is quite good.Her remark about loving Mel, does not surprise me at all, they have been friends for years.She certainly does not mean in the biblical sense (she’s gay for crying out loud),everyone knows that.Matter of fact just last year she went through a palimony suit with (at the time) her ex.Jodie’s two sons middle names are the last name of her ex.Jodie is a prolific actor and director,but I suspect she is a bit full of herself,….what a shame.I too head the audio tapes with Oksana,….found them interesting to say the least.How ironic that she she taped all the calls.By the way,she told the the authorities she ‘did not’ give the tapes to Radar online.Well boys anf girls,this is true, but her sister did.Smacking her,…..hummmmm,…not real sure about that.If true,that is unforgiveable,no good reason to justify.I strongly think when she met Mel,she saw her meal ticket,her golden door into Hollywood.Mel directed and spent 1 mil on her music video.Bombed doesn’t begin to described her lack of talent and video.MEL, she saw you coming, talk about being led around by your d**k.I’m not doctor but I have seen bi-polars,……there is no doubt he has/is suffered from it,mix it with alcohol,you’ve got Mel Gibson on a rant.What’s really said is that poor baby(Lucia) caught in the middle.He will always take care of that baby,but Oksana will be there too.
    Jodie,Mel, and other elitists,who are gifted with talent,when their azzes are kissed so much,they start to levitate and believe their own hype.I completely agree with what Jodie has said,…when you are a friend to someone,a real friend, you are loyal;you may not like their actions,but that doesn’t change your loyality.I salute Jodie for standing up,where others are too cowardly to do so.Mel’s remarks about Jews running Hollywood,….when it’s a truth when does it become anti-semetic?
    Seeing Jodie here in Austin, I was kinda surprised, she’s a little ol’ thing,not friendly at all,couldn’t get down our red carpet fast enough.Maybe she was braced for the press coming at her,surely knowing the attack would be about Mel,and not the context of the film.Let’s wait and see,Oksana has burned her bridges,at least thinking she would be a ‘star’.Poor Mel, this young thing telling him everything a man his age wants to hear;this all during his seperation from wife Robyn.Funny they’ve never divorced,but then again he’s supposed to be a devote catholic.
    Sorry Jodie,no need to be uppity,we’re the ones whe buy the tickets to your movies.Mel,….God bless you and good luck,stay away from the vipers and scorpions.

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