Vote! Is Kanye West Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

Who deserves Idiot of the Week: Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West, or Charlie Sheen?
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Vote! Is Kanye West Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week?

Who will it be… sobbing Jennifer Lopez, classless Kanye West, or our old pal Charlie Sheen?

-Mean Betty

Kanye West

Why hello, dearest readers! Mean Betty was starting to get a little blue, but then she remembered that the week is officially over and that her besties are all set for another idiot roundup and none other than Kanye West has provided ample fodder (quelle suprise!).

Just this once, Mean Betty feels that a disclaimer is necessary before proceeding with the first moron (oh yes Kanye’s not the only one) …WARNING: This will require several deep breaths, a martini shaker, two olives, a bottle of gin, and a dash of dry vermouth.

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Shall we then?

Kanye West, who, amazingly, did not coin the term ‘foot-in-mouth disease’, recently posted a statement via Twitter which is so unbelievably appalling that Mean Betty refuses to share the screen shot with her pets. However, here is a cleaned up version of the rant on his delightful theme of “gold-digging” women:

“An abortion can cost a ballin’ n**ga up to 50gs maybe a 100. Gold diggin’ b**ches be getting pregnant on purpose. #STRAPUP my n**gas!”

Anyone out there still a fan of Kanye?


Mean Betty is hearing crickets.

Option 2: J.Lo’s “Really Hard” Job…

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0 thoughts on “Vote! Is Kanye West Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

  1. Not to excuse Kanye’s comments, but he has a point about gold digging. We all know abortions don’t cost $50k to $100k. Granted, the women in question very might be enduring some emotional anguish and he is compensating them for that, but seriously, they are taking advantage of his fame and money just a tad. It’s hard not to vote for Charlie but honestly, this all reminds me a bit of Britney Spears’ meltdown. He seems to be crying out for help and is heading downhill fast. He is far beyond simply acting stupidly. To call him an idiot would be rather cruel under the circumstances. So I guess I’m left with voting for that silly Jenny from the Block.

  2. J LO? Nah. Shouldn’t even be on the charts. Anyone who watches American Idol deserves what they get. Charlie Sheen? If you had him in this poll back in Christmas of 2009 when he was beating up his wife, he would have made it to IOTW. Now he’s just a mentally ill addict. His blatherings are *not*, I repeat *not*, a cry for help. He can’t help himself because he’s too ego-driven (psyc major, dontcha know?). That leaves us with Kanye. Truly an idiot to behold. And screw the chick uptop who said she understands how he might feel that way. Get a clue, ya clueless bitch.

  3. Kanye will always be an idiot in my mind, he just keeps reminding us with his misogynistic lyrics that can only be call ignorant and in the poorest of bad taste. He wins, hands down. But who says there can only be one winning idiot? There are so many people that come to mind that I would have a difficult time choosing just one. Charlie Sheen is one sick puppy. Why can’t that fool keep his big mouth shut? For many years he must have had some amazing handlers keeping his antics out of the press and saving him from himself. Guess they must have had enough too. J LO, I can’t imagine her being in a classification with them. She would still have be wearing fur, hanging with Sarah Palin and a member of NRA for me to agree that she should be keeping the company of these odd fellows.

  4. Kanye West is a jerk and an A**hole, but Charlie Sheen takes the idiot of all time. I feel sorry for his kids and his parents. Let’s hope someone steps in and forces a 5150 on him before the next headline we read is “Charlie Sheen, dead of an overdose”. I agree, Jennifer Lopez doesn’t belong here. Yes, she’s soft-hearted and finds it difficult to squash people’s dreams. That doesn’t make her an idiot (Disclaimer – I don’t watch AI, but I do read about it from time to time).

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