Vote! Is Kate Middleton Mean Betty's Idiot Of The Week?

Who will it be... The Princess-to-Be, Miley Cyrus, or the guy who played Eddie Winslow on Family Matters?
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Vote! Is Kate Middleton Mean Betty’s Idiot Of The Week?

Who will it be… The Princess-to-Be, Miley Cyrus, or the guy who played Eddie Winslow on ‘Family Matters’?

-Mean Betty

Kate Middleton

Take a look at this week’s idiots, kittens. Who do you think is the biggest celeb nincompoop?

First runner up…

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Kate “I Won’t Put Out ‘Till My Wedding” Middleton

The last thing Mean Betty would do is withhold sex from Prince William before getting him to say, “I do,” pets. However a royal insider told the National Enquirer, “Will was stunned when Kate explained that there’s absolutely no way she’ll run the risk of ruining her big day with the embarrassment of an unplanned pregnancy. She told him, ‘Darling, I want our wedding night to be really special.’ Kate said Wills just kept saying, ‘You’ve got to be kidding…You are kidding, right?’ But Kate assured Prince Charming that it was no joke. She’s determined to do everything by the book to ensure that theirs will be the wedding of the new century.”

With the rate of rich and famous men not being able to keep it in their pants these days this seems like a royal mistake, Kate. If you aren’t going to give him nookie, you should at least keep your jaw warmed up or else you might find yourself sans Prince Charming.

Second runner up…

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0 thoughts on “Vote! Is Kate Middleton Mean Betty's Idiot Of The Week?

  1. I think a domestic abuser is a bigger idiot than someone who has put the kibosh on sex before her wedding. (There is such a thing as birth control, but in the end, it’s her choice.)

    Miley’s fails are in their own category of idiocy. I think Lindsay Lohan is her role model.

  2. The story doesn’t say they haven’t had sex yet, just that birth control is not 100% and she doesn’t want to risk an out of wedlock pregnancy and the scandal that would bring. Technically, the future king is supposed to marry a virgin but that is not enforced simply because he wouldn’t have many women to choose from. I’m not sure why Kate’s decision makes her an idiot. I’m more inclined to say Mean Betty is an idiot for nominating Kate. And since what Miley smoked was legal, I’d say the idiot of the week is hands down the Family Matters guy.

  3. The idiot is sadly Mean Betty! Why can’t Kate have moral values? I’m a strong Christain and believe in sex AFTER marriage! Newsflash! You don’t have to be a Cristain to not act slutty/”put-out!” I’m so ashamed in reading this.

  4. “Recent pics of Newly Legal can be found on TMZ of Miley toking on an herb called salvia, which has psychedelic affects but is legal in California.”

    Wouldn’t that be “effects” instead of “affects”? I vote for Mean Betty.

  5. I have no doubt after 8 yrs Kate and Prince Charming have had sex since they have vacationed together many times, etc. That being said, if she has decided she doesn’t want to risk a scandal now by getting prego, is that really that bad? I mean imagine the poor Queen having a coronary over her being pregnant at the wedding of this century. Actually that thought is a little on the funny side. Besides is it really any ones business if they have sex now or not? The biggest idiot is a toss up between Miley Cyrus and Darius whatever the heck his last name is. Miley is a disaster in the making and anyone that beats their spouse is a huge idiot in my book. Lack of sex doesn’t even compare!!!

  6. Miley Cyrus, hands down. There’s nothing wrong with Kate’s decision and to infer that she needs to put out to hold onto him is rather, well, juvenile.
    On the other hand, we all know Miley is an idiot but even an idiot would know better than to allow the filming of bong hits. This in fact, makes her an idiot idiot.

  7. Darius is an idiot, never hit a woman unless its for her own good. Miley is young and dumb. Kate is not the least bit of an idiot. She has alot of class and morals, plus why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

  8. Definitely Darius…. Hands down.. Imagine it.. Kate acting like a grown up.. I applaud her for being a strong woman and in control of her mind & body. Miley, legal legal legal… Who gives a crap what she does for fun if it’s not even illegal or involve nudity?

  9. Sorry, I don’t believe the “Kate Story”… The other two are the true losers… An untalented, entitled little s**t of a teenager… and An untalented, abusive a**hole… Awful. Just awful.

  10. Are you saying Kate shouldn’t risk a scandal because the prince might cheat? If he was a real man then the thought of him cheating wouldn’t even cross her (or his) mind. Automatically assuming a man will cheat makes YOU an idiot in my book. Sorry.

  11. I agree with the others who comment that this was a very poor choice as a Mean Betty subject and does not fit into the catergory at all.
    Kate has every right not to have sex if she chose not too or our we forgeting that we tell young women and men that all the time because it is true but no matter what age or gender if you don’t want to have sex- you don’t have too.
    To say she’s stupid and will risk losing her “Prince” because of not choosing to have sex and risk a pregnancy before the wedding regardless of whether or not they have had sex in the past only says one thing-he’s no prince but a pig and she should get out of that marriage before it ever starts. I cannot believe that attitude. Put out or you deserve to be cheated on?
    No man and no woman should ever feel that must have sex with someone. If they do feel that way or are told that they with someone awful they are not being loved the way they should be because they are getting no respect and never will be respected by that person who supposedly loves them.
    Mean Betty out of respect for both men and women who deserve to be loved and respected in their relationship(s) please rewrite this article because it is sad and shameful.
    I only worry someone will read this and be in the situation that they are breaking up or fearing losing someone because regardless of age or gender they decided not to have any form of sex then they’ll read this and panic or be worried they were “dumb” “stupid” and have to put out sex in whatever form to try to keep someone because they doubted they were ready to make that commitment for whatever reason or reasons. That situation can happen to anyone and now you want to be a person who adds that kind of pressure- and extremely bad archaic opinion even if it is just an opinion- to someone as well as gives a “valid” excuse to a potential cheater?
    Mean Betty you need to write yourself up in this column.

  12. I don’t see anyhing wrong with kate waiting to have sex with william til the wedding. So I don’t see why she’s even here in this category.. The prince needs to get over it. Miley is just stupid & she’s growing up those things are a part of it… & the family matters guy is a real idiot. Let me beat him with a belt to see how it feels. Plus I think you should leave chris brown out of this.. I think he may have snapped at rhianna but I think she does over react & some pics I’ve seen where “she’s beaten up” doesn’t even look like her. I think they made it bigger than what it was but oh well. That’s a diff story.

  13. I’m glad that others have voted Mean Betty as the Idiot of the Week for including Kate Middleton on this list (really??… are YOU sniffing some glue?)

    Now if Kate werent on the list, I would vote for Miley because some people just dont learn- from past mistakes, or from others mistakes.

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