VOTE! Is Paris Hilton Idiot of the Week?

Who deserves the biggest idiot award today: Paris Hilton, the would-be model Johnny Depp couldn't resist (HA!), or the entire cast of 'Jersey Shore'? Only you can decide!
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VOTE! Is Paris Hilton Idiot of the Week?

Who deserves the biggest idiot award today: Paris Hilton, the would-be model  Johnny Depp couldn’t resist (HA!), or the entire cast of ‘Jersey Shore’? Only you can decide!

-Mean Betty

Paris Hilton Christmas card

Sometimes Mean Betty’s column just writes itself!

Just in time for the Idiot of the Week vote, Paris Hilton sent  a copy of her Christmas card – doesn’t that just warm the very cockles of your heart? If a washed up starlet socialite dressing up like a discount version of Marilyn Monroe and sending a card to a major gossip site doesn’t represent the true meaning of the season, well Mean Betty just doesn’t know what does!

On another note, at least this takes our minds off the horror story that is the Kardashian Christmas card!

Of course, Mean Betty has a couple of other choices for this week’s coveted IDIOT title! …

Option 2: The moronic wannabe model trying to besmirch Johnny Depp …

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0 thoughts on “VOTE! Is Paris Hilton Idiot of the Week?

  1. Fashionista says:

    That model has some nerve! My vote is for her, because that story sounds too unbelievable.

  2. Catca says:

    Paris Hilton for finding new heights of desperation!

  3. mannequin says:

    But what about that hot smokin’ Miley?
    This is a hard one Betty; the idiots seem to have come out in droves during the holiday.
    The Kardashian card is nauseating..
    Paris looks great but she is oh, so very tacky.
    That model needs to be slapped silly.
    But still, I have to vote for Paris since I don’t think she means to be so crass; she truly might be an idiot.

  4. myfreetime says:

    Such a tough choice, Paris and the Jersey Shore cast could win lifetime achievement awards for stupidity. Probably the model as this does seem like an attempt to get some attention and fame. She maybe a sex tape away from being a Kardumbshian.

  5. M_In_O_Town says:

    Paris for idiot of the century. Need to take them all and put them on an island of their own.

  6. M_In_O_Town says:

    Oh yeah and Depp is an “idiot” for…???

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