Vote! Is Snooki Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

Who will win the award ... the 'Jersey Shore' dwarf, TomKat or professional doormat Jessica Biel?
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Vote! Is Snooki Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week?

Who will win the award … the ‘Jersey Shore’ dwarf, TomKat or professional doormat Jessica Biel?

-Mean Betty


Happy Friday, kittens! Is it just Mean Betty or has this week been especially entertaining? Hollywood seems to be bubbling over with craziness, which makes it rather difficult to choose the biggest idiot!

Exhibit A: The unstoppable and apparently literate troll known as Snooki actually believes that she is talented enough to make an appearance on The Office. Now wouldn’t that be grand? Perhaps she could give Jim and Pam’s adorable tot a ‘Guida’ makeover! As Mean Betty always says, it’s never too early to get the lowdown on cheap hairspray and tanning beds.

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But if she can’t secure a spot on the side-splitting sitcom, Snooki would love to shoot for Dancing with the Stars. Hmm … do alcohol binges, blackouts and ballroom dancing really go hand in hand?

Good luck with your future failures endeavors, kiddo!

Option 2: TomKat’s Meltdown over Anne Hathaway’s SNL Impression …

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0 thoughts on “Vote! Is Snooki Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week?

  1. I vote for the Snooks. Katie is more of a Stephford Wife, I am convinced she was replaced by a fembot years ago. Jessica is just pathtic, really. But Snooks is always an idiot!

  2. As Snooki is the only thing talked about that is actually true (Katie Holmes and Scarlett/Justin are rumors that were shown to be untrue – Katie and Tom haven’t even been invited to the Oscars yet so how could they turn down an invite they didn’t receive???) I’ll vote for the ridiculous Snooki.

  3. Since I absolutely abhor sniveling, I’ll vote for Jessica on that basis alone.
    Still, if you had asked me, it would have been Kim K. for tweeting the picture of herself and then saying she’s so insecure. What a fragile little princess.

  4. Any one with the guts to put all of her embarrassing habits. And just to show the whole world that she is just plain stupid and could quite ruin the kids that are exposed to her alcoholic addiction tanning addiction ect…… I guess she gets the vote

  5. Snooki, all the way. She is a waste of skin. And Jessica should grow up & be counted. Timberlake is a clown & will never marry her-he’s just using her!!! Jessica gets the vote for the 2nd idiot.

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