Vote! Mean Betty's Biggest Idiot of the Week: Lindsay Lohan?

LiLo seems like a clear winner, but let's not forget about Shia LaBeouf and Courtney Love!
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Vote! Mean Betty’s Biggest Idiot of the Week: Lindsay Lohan?

LiLo seems like a clear winner, but let’s not forget about Shia LaBeouf and Courtney Love!

-Mean Betty

Lindsay Lohan

Well, kittens, Mean Betty has to admit – this week Lindsay “Help! I Really Need To Borrow Your Private Jet!” Lohan certainly seems like the frontrunner for Mean Betty’s coveted Biggest Idiot of the Week Award. However, impressively, there are a few strong contenders for the title. Help Mean Betty decide!

But first, a quick recap on LiLo’s crazy-even-for-her week:

With a Deputy District Attorney vowing to pursue jail time and a grouchy judge peeved at LiLo’s repeated absences from court, just before a mandatory hearing, Lindsay did what any smart young lady would do – she hightailed it to France to party (with Amanda Seyfried’s boyfriend?) in Cannes! Brill!

Read Mean Betty on Kendra Wilkinson’s Sex Tape has some delightful photos of how Lindsay’s been spending her time in Cannes … do visit!

Of course, Lindsay’s passport magically got “stolen”, thus preventing her from making the plane home, thus preventing her from attending that pesky little hearing. Lindsay, ever resourceful, took to her computer to fix things up – first she sent an email to pals begging to borrow a private jet to get her home in time for the hearing. (Just click your heels together three times Linds!) Next she sent an email to Us Weekly, claiming Daddy Michael Lohan arranged to have his wayward daughter’s passport stolen. What she doesn’t appear to have done is report the passport stolen to the authorities. Details, details!

Now she appears to be partying on a yacht whilst her lawyers post some sort of bail to fix up the bench warrant that’s been issued for her, so she doesn’t get arrested upon her eventual arrival in L.A.. (Can you hear that kittens? It’s the collective sigh of dismay for paparazzo around the globe.)

What will happen next? Who knows? Mean Betty just can’t wait to find out!

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0 thoughts on “Vote! Mean Betty's Biggest Idiot of the Week: Lindsay Lohan?

  1. They all not using the noggins — and seriously, waht is up with Courtney’s teeth – get them chompers fixed girl – that crack done ate the enamel away or something. So keep your mouth closed because not only do we not want to picture you having sex with anyone on earth or elsewhere, but we don’t want to look at those teeth either. Lindsay needs to tighten up and own up to her mistakes and take responsiblity for them – if that’s possible in celebrity world; and Shia – well he just needs to shut the hole in his face before he does his ownself in.

  2. I know that when anything bad happens to me, I contact a gossip mag to blame my daddy. Then I whine about gossip mags constantly talking about me…is that not normal?

  3. Go lindsey. America is a police state and there is no real reason for this judges response to wanting to traeat you for a career move on her point everyone wants to be a star. I wouln’dt want to be in your shoes as an poor invisible person I drnk as much as I want go were I want to and get as high as I want to the judges would not be able to do nothing.

  4. Yep, for sure it’s Blohan. I mean really…come on now…blaming everybody but yourself for your massively screwed up life and then allowing people to take pics of you wasted with drugs within reach. Really? You thought the pics were a GOOD idea?

  5. OMG she is beautiful! If they do a remake of Cinderella it shall be Lindsay and it will be the hugest net profit film of all time because of leg and feet fetish. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  6. LiLo, and Shia Le”Beefy” are not representing the 20-somethings well, and Courtney Love is messing it up for Gen X(my generation). Frankly, Courtney Love’s rants are too boring to even comment about(a big “so what” about having sex with Kate Moss),and Lindsey really needs the courts to revoke the bail that was posted so she can sit in LA County’s graybar hotel(aka jail)for a day,and Shia needs to get a career, some talent(and a life) before he can toss a tantrum about lack of “meat” in his role(note to Beefy,you are NOT the star of the movie, Michael Douglas is!) I say it’s a tie between the bratty entitled kids, and a ticket to the FF list for Courtney.

  7. It’s not hard to believe LiLo is under 30, she’s acting like a 12-year old. Girl be responsible for your stupidity all ready. Better yet, buy a farm and disappear!

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