Vote! Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week!

Who deserves the title-Desperate Housewife Michaele Salahi, Montana Fishburne, Jessica Simpson or Caroline Guiliani?
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Vote! Mean Betty’s Idiot of the Week!

Who deserves the title—Desperate Housewife Michaele Salahi, Montana Fishburne, Jessica Simpson or Caroline Guiliani?

-Mean Betty

Lawrence and Montana Fishburne

Every Friday Mean Betty needs to mix herself a Cosmo for breakfast to make selecting candidates for Idiot of the Week a little easier on the nerves. Celebrities in their infinite ineptitude never cease to act utterly asinine week after week. And thus, it is Mean Betty’s duty to sort through what seems like millions of bonehead moves that take place everyday in Celebland and boil them down to a deserving few.

It’s a tough job, mes cheries, but someone’s got to do it.

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Here are Mean Betty’s biggest idiots for this week. You pick your favorite, kittens.

Montana “I Want to Be a Porn Star” Fishburne

Montana Fishburne

There isn’t much Mean Betty can even say here, poppets. Your father is Lawrence Fishburne and you still can’t try to be a real actress? What kind of sick twisted little puppy chooses to be defiled on camera for a living when she could have easily said, “Daddy, I wan to be an actress?”

POOF! Montana could have been a star without so much as bending over a bed even once.

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0 thoughts on “Vote! Mean Betty's Idiot of the Week!

  1. Michaele Salahi hands down. She’s got a rep for screaming that people are hitting her- they’re not, but they really want to! Heck, I’d get in line to slap that idiot around.

  2. “Mean Betty just feels your pain. Must be so hard to be a billionaire’s daughter!”

    Billionaire? Giuliani had $52.2 million in ’08 ( Harvard student Caroline is an Obama supporter, by the way.

  3. Montana,Montana,Montana. I am so glad that women have gone through hell to be taken seriously and treated fairly, so that you can make a sex tape to further your ‘career’. Lawrence must be so proud.

  4. I’m going to pass voting for Montana even though her stupidity is the most heinous this week – I just wonder what the story is. Is she estranged from her father? Is she on drugs? She may need our empathy – just don’t know. I’ll also pass on Michaele Salahi simply because I refuse to refer to her as a celebrity. So it comes down to JSimpson and Caroline Guiliani. Between the 2, I’ll have to go with the Guiliani girl even though she’s not really a celebrity either, but seriously, you know she knew better and the JSimpson stuff is still just rumors…

  5. My nominee is Mean Betty, who can’t even be bothered to learn to spell Laurence Fishburne’s name properly. If you’re going to write an article mentioning a celeb. then the least you can do is SPELL THEIR NAME RIGHT!!

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