Why I'm Voting for John McCain

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Why I’m Voting for John McCain

A mother’s perspective

-Eileen Hart Freyre

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I am the mother of two teenage children. My eldest is a 15-year-old girl, and as dating boys becomes her teenage reality, I have urged her to watch what a boy does, not simply listen to what he says. A person’s actions are the truest measure of his or her core self, and for me, actions have always spoken louder than words.

In making my choice this election season, I took some of my own advice, and studied our Presidential candidates’ records. In evaluating Senator John McCain, I read about a true American hero who has devoted his entire life to the service of our great country, shunning the easy way out, most notably as a POW, when it came at the expense of his fellow Americans. I read about a man who has worked tirelessly to stamp out wasteful and corrupt spending in Washington, even when it put him at odds with his own party.

John McCain’s work across party lines includes many real and substantive initiatives such as:

• Working with Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold to champion the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002
• Partnering with Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy on the McCain-Kennedy Immigration bill
• Pairing up with then Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman on The Lieberman-McCain Climate Stewardship Act

His independent streak and record of achievement gives me great hope that both parties can come together under his proven leadership, and solve the many significant problems facing this country at home and abroad.

A similar evaluation of Senator Obama came up lacking. His actual track record is much too short for a man that wants to be the American President. What little exists indicates that he is guided by a liberal ideology. His Senate voting record earned him the position as the most liberal member of the United States Senate in 2007 (National Journal). It’s worth pointing out that the last time we had a balanced budget in this country was in 1998 when Bill Clinton was President, and the Congress was controlled by Republicans. As a fiscal conservative, I fear that Senator Obama’s track record, coupled with a decidedly liberal Congress, will deny this country the balanced budget we so desperately need and deserve.

On the matter of Political Reform, I read that Mr. Obama cut his political teeth in Chicago city politics, a city teeming with opportunities to bring about badly needed political reform. Yet I can find no evidence of Mr. Obama challenging his party and tackling its deeply imbedded corruption. Instead, it appears that he prospered by looking the other way, or staying silent. More immediately, I was shocked and disappointed to learn that while John McCain and Republican Senator Chuck Hagel were pressing Congress for stricter oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Barack Obama remained silent, and collected over $120,000 in contributions from their PACs in four short years, placing him second on the list of recipients (Center for Responsive Politics). My teenage daughter knows how this story ends.

Barak Obama is a world class orator, but in translating my advice on boys to the critical thinking that goes into evaluating a politician, I’ve also ensured that my teenage daughter knows that a politician will say whatever he or she thinks you want to hear to get your vote.

Therefore, judge the record. I’ve judged the records, and that’s why I’m voting for John McCain. He is the clear choice.

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