Wait, What? Courtney Stodden Turned DOWN a Reality Show?

Child bride Courtney Stodden just turned down a stint on 'Relationship Rehab.' She wants her OWN reality show, dammit!

Wait, What? Courtney Stodden Turned DOWN a Reality Show?

Child bride Courtney Stodden just turned down a stint on ‘Relationship Rehab.’ She wants her OWN reality show, dammit!

-Lucia Peters

Courtney Stodden

Okay. We all know how ridiculous 17-year-old Courtney Stodden is (who the heck goes to the mall in this?). We all know how much she likes attention. And we all died a little bit inside when we heard that she and her 51-year-old husband, Doug Hutchison, were pushing to get a reality show of their own.

But wait! What’s this? Courtney and Doug were actually offered a show, and they turned it DOWN? What is this insanity of which you speak?!

Oh. I see. It was a spot on someone else’s show, not a show of your own. What? Just appearing on television with other people isn’t enough for you? It’s got to be The Courtney and Doug (But Mostly Courtney) Show? I should have known.

According to Radar Online, Courtney and Doug were offered a lucrative deal to star in VH1’s Relationship Rehab—and they said no. Relationship Rehab, by the way, is exactly what it sounds like: It follows couples living together in LA, getting counseling and participating in “therapeutic activities and planned events.” Boy, doesn’t that sound like fun!

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Actually, come to think of it, it’s pretty hilarious that out of all the shows out there, they were offered a spot on Relationship Rehab—a show geared towards rehabilitating failing relationships. Because although Courtney and Doug’s marriage makes most of us feel incredibly icky, as far as they’re concerned, they’re fine, so why on earth would they need to go to rehab? Indeed, a source told Radar, “Though Doug and Courtney considered the offer, in the end they felt that this wasn’t a perfect fit for the kind of show they wanted to do.” The source continued, “There has been a lot of speculation about their marriage and a lot of people are just waiting for the inevitable ‘train wreck’ to happen”—gee, ya think?—“but Doug and Courtney have an incredibly strong relationship and seem very happy together. So doing a show about going into ‘rehab’ just doesn’t make sense for them.” It’s kind of too bad that the entire rest of the world thinks that something about that pairing needs to be realigned.

Money is clearly no object for the couple, though; they apparently were offered somewhere between $150,000 and $200,000 to appear on an eight-episode series that would have filmed over three weeks. Three weeks’ work for $150,000? Easy pickin’s!

Naturally, Courtney’s somewhat questionable mother Krista Stodden had to weigh in on the matter. “Doug and Courtney are faced with an array of career opportunities and offers each and every day,” she told Radar (really? I find that difficult to believe, but whatever); “I’m impressed by their ability to stay true to their convictions and stand behind any decision to respectfully pass on projects that they may feel are not completely right for them.

But lest you think that we’ve been rescued in full from the horrors of witnessing Courtney Stodden weekly on television, don’t relax too much—she’s still got that deal with Merv Griffin Entertainment to produce a reality show about her and Doug’s married life sitting around somewhere. Shudder. I think I’ll pass, thanks.

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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