Want to Get Married? Throw Away Your Self-Help Books!

BettyConfidential chats with David Tutera of My Fair Wedding.
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Want to Get Married? Throw Away Your Self-Help Books!

BettyConfidential chats with David Tutera of My Fair Wedding.

-Carrie Seim

David Tutera

I stared down the mountain of dating advice books stacked in a corner of my bedroom. The precarious tower of How to Marry the Wrong Guy and The Breakup Workbook and He’s Just Not That Into You taunted me. They missed me … they wanted me back … just one more tear-stained page? For old time’s sake?

Although it’s my job to read and review dating self-help books, it’s a bit of a downer to store them in my boudoir. Who can sleep with a self-help library eyeballing you? So I decided to go Bridget Jones on them. They each got a one-way ticket to Goodwill.

I figured it couldn’t hurt – the last time I cleaned out my closet, I ended up with new love in my life!

So I mercilessly shoved the whole gang into a giant cardboard box. They begged for one more stolen night of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, they shamelessly flaunted their Rules in my face. But I wouldn’t be tempted. What we had was beautiful – but it was time to go our separate ways.

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I tossed the books in the donation bin with a huge sigh of relief, practically skipping my way home. And that’s when I saw it – an ominous rectangular package from FedEx resting on my doorstep.

I ripped open the wrapping to reveal … The Big White Book of Weddings by David Tutera.


For the record, I don’t really believe in self-help books or hocus-pocus or even yoga. But the universe was clearly sending a message. That message? “Now that you’re done obsessing about your dating life, it’s time to seduce David Tutera.”

I quickly called David’s publicist to see if the celebrity wedding planner extraordinaire and host of My Fair Wedding had time to chat with me. He did! The universe meant business!

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9 thoughts on “Want to Get Married? Throw Away Your Self-Help Books!

  1. David Tutera seems like such a sweetheart! I don’t usually like to watch wedding shows, but I got wrapped up in My Fair Wedding because of what a great guy he is, & how grateful & real those brides are.

  2. Who is David Tutera?? Only women know who he is so in essense he’s gay! If he’s not part of a man’s world (a real mans world) then he’s gay. Sorry ladies. Alex

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