Want to Have a Baby? You'd Better Move Fast!

An expert says it's harder than you think once you hit thirty.

Want to Have a Baby? You’d Better Move Fast!

An expert says it’s harder than you think once you hit thirty.

-Jane Farrell


A menopause test, designed to show women their maximum age to get pregnant, will give false hope to many prospective moms, according to a fertility researcher.

Dr. Gedis Gruzenskas, a top IVF practitioner in London, said the test measures only whether women will still be producing eggs, without analyzing the quality of the eggs. According to Babble.com, the doctor says, “we’re not at the stage we’re a test can tell you how those eggs will function. The number of eggs does not mean the eggs are healthy and normal.”

Gruzenskas also said the fertility industry in general has been oversold and led many women to believe that they can easily give birth in their 40s with a little help from experts. “Fertility declines from 28,” he says. “For some women, that happens very quickly. In others, it’s a slow process. The decline then accelerates in the mid to late-30s…Things can change very quickly. I don’t think it’s ever right to say to anybody, wait.”

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Readily available, sometimes oversimplified information, as well as constant media coverage of pregnant celebrities, also contribute to women overestimating the ease of having a baby once they’re out of their twenties.

“Where do we learn about fertility?” Gruzenskas asked. “TV, the Internet, these fabulous pictures of women in their 40s in Hollywood walking around with babies. Everybody assumes they’re genetically theirs, but they’re not necessarily.” (Babble)

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