Wedding Bells for Paris Hilton?

Pals say Doug Reinhardt is getting ready to propose to the heiress.

Wedding Bells for Paris Hilton?

Pals say Doug Reinhardt is getting ready to propose to the heiress.

-Kelly Will

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt are about to take their relationship to the next level. The couple does everything together and friends tell BettyConfidential that an engagement is on the cards any day now.

“Paris and Doug have had a lot of ups and downs, but they’ve worked through them all and are madly in love,” an insider says. “Doug fought for their relationship, even when Paris wanted to give it all up. There were days he thought they were over forever, but they’ve worked on their problems and they are spending all their time together.”

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The couple broke up back in June but quickly reunited and their relationship is now stronger than ever. “Paris used to give Doug a hard time. He felt like her assistant or bag boy,” the source says. “He called his mom for advice, and talked to friends because he wanted to save their relationship. Doug loves Paris and is dedicated to her. He wants to be around her all the time; it’s an intoxicating love.”

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhart

The change in their relationship came when Paris, 28, realized that she didn’t want to be single anymore. “Paris is picky, but she is realizing that she’s getting older and still wants to be a young mom. When she broke up with Doug, she felt like she pushed him away prematurely. He gets her, puts up with all her rules and high-maintenance life with no questions asked. Doug treats her like a princess and is not looking to fight her for the spotlight. He’s perfect for her.”

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Paris recently gushed to Life & Style magazine, “I wouldn’t rule out a wedding in 2010,” and confessed that Doug makes her “feel like a princess every day.” Sounds like the former Hills star is a keeper!

Tell us: What kind of wedding do you think Paris Hilton will have?

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0 thoughts on “Wedding Bells for Paris Hilton?

  1. Sooner or later this man will get tired of catering to this spoiled child and a divorce will happen as always! RUN as fast as you can Doug there are plenty of unspoiled women out there who would love to have a handsome man like you!

  2. If he’s not a gold-digger, I’ll be surprised. I think that her wealth is the only reason anyone would ever put up with her selfish behavior and mistreatment of others.

  3. where did this breathless prose come from?
    I’ve been hearing for years (through how many of her engagements?) that paris wants to be a “young mom.” Old hooker is more like it.

  4. Paris is over the hill.Time to have babies without the worries that come with being an older woman having babies.give them a last name and then she will divorce him.He comes from good stock and she comes from the stock market!Good match.good genes!She has been used and abused.She isn’t seconds,she is damaged goods with money!

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