What Are Twilight Fan Sites Saying About Eclipse?

Twi-hards are buzzing about the opening of Eclipse!
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Edward’s Meadow

The gals over at Edward’s Meadow just couldn’t help but Tweet all about the film – they absolutely loved it!

The Edward’s Meadow team says this film will make it tough for Twi-hards to pick teams.

Edward's Meadow

Alice from Edward’s Meadow couldn’t contain herself when Jacob was on the screen!

Edward's Meadow

So what’s the verdict from the Edward’s Meadow team?

Edward's Meadow

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0 thoughts on “What Are Twilight Fan Sites Saying About Eclipse?

  1. i’ve heard so many good things! can’t wait to see it this weekend… gonna hit up the 10 am show so there’s less screaming tweens and more responsible adults in the audience. ha

  2. Better than the first two films, acting’s improved–they need to spend more on the actors’ hair pieces, though. It was obvious that Bella and all of the Cullens were wearing wigs. Taylor Lautner steals the show as Jacob.

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