What Are Twilight Fan Sites Saying About Eclipse?

Twi-hards are buzzing about the opening of Eclipse!
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Letters to Twilight

Letters To Twilight is run by two Twihards, Themoonisdown and Unitended Choice.

Themoonisdown is just slightly obsessed with Alice and Jasper. Instead of a review of the movie, she writes an ode to their relationship: “In Eclipse you stole every scene you were in. The banter and sly looks, the half smiles, the eyes, the’ “ma’m’s.’ It was all so golden.”

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Themoonisdown is not thrilled with this latest edition of the Twilight Saga because she felt the movie was lacking in Jashley moments. “Such a missed opportunity to make this movie even better and to give us Jashley whores a little something to salivate over. Every time Jasper and Alice were on screen everyone in the audience sighed and oh-ed and aw-ed over them, so I KNOW I’m not the only would who would have jumped out of their seat for this moment to happen.”

She signs off wondering what other great moments from the film were cut. According to her, if you have major love for the duo, you’ll be left wanting more.

The Twilight Series Theories

Krystal from The Twilight Series Theories noted that there were more male viewers in the audience than at the previous movies. She posted a video from Reelz Channel, where reporter Naibe Renoso interviewed Twihards who saw the first midnight show of Twilight Eclipse. One female fan exclaims, “If the entire movie was shirtless it would be fine.” Another female fan says it’s “(the) best movie of the series!”

Watch the video for all the fan reviews:

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  1. i’ve heard so many good things! can’t wait to see it this weekend… gonna hit up the 10 am show so there’s less screaming tweens and more responsible adults in the audience. ha

  2. Better than the first two films, acting’s improved–they need to spend more on the actors’ hair pieces, though. It was obvious that Bella and all of the Cullens were wearing wigs. Taylor Lautner steals the show as Jacob.

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