What Are Twilight Fan Sites Saying About Eclipse?

Twi-hards are buzzing about the opening of Eclipse!
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Courtney from PopLife posted her review titled “Loving Edward. Lusting for Jacob” on one on the biggest Twilight Fan sites, TwiFans.com … she LOVED it! But first she shared her envy of Bella Swan: “She’s got this totally PERF guy that wants to love her longer than forever, and then she’s got this totally flawed, but awesome and ridiculously abtastic animalistic sexy man that also wants to love her forevs and she has to choose. I mean, if I didn’t love Bella like she was my best friend – or myself – I’d probably hate her.”

Read Drooling Over the Twilight: Eclipse Premiere

Well put, Courtney. Well put.

So, what about the movie?

“It was a lot darker than what you’d expect for Twi. But that’s good; it gives it more street cred. And then when you see Edward and Bella for the first time in the meadow, oh-mi-gawd, you about melt over the lovey dovey nature of it all. Could Edward nuzzle Bella’s neck and hair anymore adorably and sexily? Could he be any more appallingly gorgeous? I don’t think it’s possible! This is the first time we’ve seen Edward and Bella get to act like a real couple – finally!”

Her only gripe with the film? “It moved too fast!”

But in the end she plans to see it again in IMAX. Courtney signs off by saying, “I’m going to go to bed tonight dreaming of marrying Edward Cullen, and having a naughty affair with Jacob Black.”

Sweet dreams!


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  1. i’ve heard so many good things! can’t wait to see it this weekend… gonna hit up the 10 am show so there’s less screaming tweens and more responsible adults in the audience. ha

  2. Better than the first two films, acting’s improved–they need to spend more on the actors’ hair pieces, though. It was obvious that Bella and all of the Cullens were wearing wigs. Taylor Lautner steals the show as Jacob.

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