What Are Twilight Fan Sites Saying About Eclipse?

Twi-hards are buzzing about the opening of Eclipse!
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Fans left reviews in droves on TwilightSource.com — here’s a sampling:

“AMAZING!” -Jessica, 06/29/2010 @ 9:06 pm

“WOW. This film was spectacular. … The fight scene was ridiculously awesome! … by far the best movie in the saga.” -Larissa, 06/29/2010 @9:16 pm

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Uh oh … a dissenter! “Watching now! So far VERY disappointed! This sucks! :( Only good part so far was the epic harry potter trailer!!!!” -CullenGal, 06/29/2010 @9:21 pm

“So good. Least cheesy dialogue of the three.” -Lauren, 06/29/2010 @11:48 pm

“In some ways this movie was totally awesome and the best, but I am disappointed because some much that was incredibly important to the story line in the book was left out … the movies will never live up to the books.” -Jennifer, 06/30/2010 @7:46 pm

It’s worth reading some of the other reviews — these fans are serious about their Twilight!

Tell us: Have you seen Eclipse yet? What do you think?

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0 thoughts on “What Are Twilight Fan Sites Saying About Eclipse?

  1. i’ve heard so many good things! can’t wait to see it this weekend… gonna hit up the 10 am show so there’s less screaming tweens and more responsible adults in the audience. ha

  2. Better than the first two films, acting’s improved–they need to spend more on the actors’ hair pieces, though. It was obvious that Bella and all of the Cullens were wearing wigs. Taylor Lautner steals the show as Jacob.

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