What Are You Thankful for This Year? Here's Our List!

We count our blessings ... including you.

What Are You Thankful for This Year? Here’s Our List!

We count our blessings … including you.

-The Bettys


Happy Thanksgiving, all! Before we get back to our regularly scheduled “last day of work before a 4-day weekend” / pie planning / haven’t gone grocery shopping yet panic mode, we’d thought we’d take a few minutes to think about all reasons we have to be grateful this year.

And we’d love to hear your as well … because if there’s one thing we’re ALL thankful for, dear readers, it’s YOU!

Lucia Peters, associate editor:

Cats. No, seriously. Cats are the best.

– Family. Friends. Loved ones. The people that make up my life.

– I’m quite thankful for the fact that in this economy, I not only have a job, but moreover, I have a job I actually like doing. That’s pretty big.

April Daniels Hussar, executive editor:

Always family first. My sweet daughter and lovely husband. I’m so blessed. 

Gratitude. Yes – I’m thankful that I have the capacity to be thankful. It’s a blessing to be aware of how much we have.

My girlfriends. GoshDARN it I’m thankful for them!

Chocolate and wine. :)

PJ Gach, Senior Editor, style+beauty:

My mental and physical health — as people say, without health nothing matters

– The amazing, fantastic, hilarious, whip smart and truly enjoyable people I work with. I’m really blessed!

My friends — they’re incomparable.

– My dog, Sophie. No matter what my day is like, she makes me smile.

Diana Denza, contributor:

– My education: It’s tough out there for everyone, and I am thankful that I had the amazing opportunity to receive a great college education where I learned about the world and really came into my own. College was a defining moment in my life, and I am grateful I was able to experience every second of it (okay, maybe not every single moment, but you get the idea).

– My two sisters: They’re my very best friends and I don’t know what I’d do without my two baby sisters! When I was three, I begged my parents to “ask the stork” for a sister … I got my wish x2 and never regretted it.

Nalissa Cuthbert, contributor:

My amazing family – As I get older I’m realizing how beautiful it is to have a circle of family that is as supportive as mine. Not to mention they keep me laughing and we always enjoy our time together.

Finally making it to my senior year! – Undergrad has been a long road for me, and I’m so happy that the end of this tunnel is near! I’m so excited about my next steps.

Black Friday! – My college budget only allows a few shopping adventures, but with all the deals this Friday I hope to rack up. Besides, it just feels good to be in the holiday mix!

Heather Taylor, L.A. correspondent:

– My many jobs including my full time one, Betty, and my freelance work! Blessed to be such a busy writer!

My family and friends.

My eyeballs being healed and back in business after that eye infection scare. You never realize just how valuable they are until they are out of commission.

Tell us: what are you most thankful for this year?

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