What Broke The Deal?

Why guys really stop calling.
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What Broke The Deal?

Why guys really stop calling.

-Libby Keatinge

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Ever wonder what happened when a fabulous guy you were beginning to date just stopped calling? “What broke the deal?” you ask yourself. You could go crazy with guessing, so we went to the guys themselves! And we got what we asked for regular guys who dished on what that “dealbreaker” was. Check out the top 5 —and the number-one thing a girl does that makes a guy never want to see her again.

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0 thoughts on “What Broke The Deal?

  1. These all seem pretty simple, and, like you said MarylandMom5, very fair. I agree with you about the friends, though – a lot of us are still friends with people we grew up with, though we all take very different turns in life.

  2. What? That guy in #3 sounds like an insecure jerk with an inferiority complex! Just because her parents were jerks doesn’t mean SHE wasn’t a great girl. Sheesh.

  3. Oh my god, #4… I wish everyone would read that, guys included. There is nothing more unattractive than a drunk person on a date. If you’re trying to get to know the person, it completely defeats the purpose, and you make an ass out of yourself. It also shows that you can’t hold your liquor – how fun! I totally want to date you now (heavy sarcasm!).

  4. i had this happened to me twice. both were great guys, cute, funny, real sweet…but i just don’t know exactly what it was that they never called back. probably it’s reason #1 =\

  5. @Maryland–Like it or not, some people judge whether others are good risks based on the company they keep. My grandmother, tough old lady, always said, “Show me who you run with and I’ll tell you all about yourself”.

    @dangirl–the last thing ANY guy wants is family drama. Not only do we abhor drama in general, but family drama puts us in a no-win situation.

  6. I totally disagree with the family mistreating the youngman because he’s not from money. As we have all seen from late that everyone can have money one day and poof the next day it is gone. That can happen to anyone. I say treat everyone with kindness and you will get that in return. I have two sons and I’m kind to whoever they decide to date. All I want from them is to be gentlemen and to be kind, no matter what the younglady’s background, so far so good.

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