What Guys Think About Your Facebook Page

5 ways to make your facebook profile attractive.
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What Guys Think About Your Facebook Page

5 ways to make your Facebook profile attractive.

Libby Keatinge

What Guys Think About Your Facebook Page

You just got all excited because a new guy you like just added you on Facebook. Now you are “friends” and can find out more about each other before you hopefully link up in person again. Things men find online about you can up your girlfriend potential, pull you down, or just plain shock potential beaus. We talked to real guys who told us things they saw on Facebook that turned them off. We came up with tips for putting your best profile forward.

1. Accentuate the positive: Pictures of you biking, doing charity work or traveling to cool places show that you are a fun, interesting athletic female. Choose photos where you don’t just look your best, but are doing cool things that show who you are as a person.

2. Careful what you write: Posting sad love quotes or musings about being single and alone just make you seem desperate to potential dates. Also, too much Facebook activity can make you seem like you don’t have a life. “She was always commenting on her own photos. It was weird. I thought she seemed like too into herself or had too much time,” said Giancarlo, 33, from New York.

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3. A picture says a thousand words: Party time can be all kinds of fun, until it ends up online the next day, or when you purposely post unflattering photos yourself, which the guys we spoke with said was even a bigger turnoff. “She was posting photos of herself totally wasted with marker all over her face. Like, that would have been funny to see if I had been dating a girl for awhile but why would she willingly display that for all to see?” James, 25, from Seattle told us. Careful in Vegas or on Spring Break too! Although you are not snapping and posting photos, others may be. Photos of you in the wet t-shirt contest could end up where you don’t want them. Depending on what kind of guy you want to date, likely it’s a bad thing.

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0 thoughts on “What Guys Think About Your Facebook Page

  1. Good tips – I’m guessing the first thing guys do after meeting new girls is look them up on facebook. That’s why I do when I meet guys!

  2. LisaluvU,
    I really could care less what guys think about my facebook or anything else that doesn’t seem perfect enough for them! Please, I’m not a boot licker anymore! Thank You

  3. cause facebook, is yknow, the most important thing ever… i wouldnt want a guy who looked me up on facebook for these two reasons, he’s looking me up on the internet to know stuff that i didnt tell him and he would be a yuppie conformist.

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