What Guys Want You To Know About The Superbowl

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Some of the stand-out players for the Packers are: quarterback Aaron Rodgers (#12), linebacker Clay Matthews (#52). Some of the stand-out players for the Steelers are: quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (#7) (who’s been in the news a lot this past year) and safety Troy Polamalu (who stands out with his long, dark, curly hair).

 The Game Basics: The goal of the game is to get the ball to the end zone, or that section at each end of the 100 yard long field where the football players love to dance; while the other team attempts to bludgeon you. And dance they should, for not only did they avoid a nasty concussion, a touchdown earned them six points. If your team scores a touchdown, they get the opportunity to kick the ball through the goal posts for an extra point. However, if a team is near the end zone but is unsure if they can make a touchdown, they can decide instead to kick he ball through the posts for a field goal (three points).

Do the Rules Really Matter? Not to you, they don’t. But, trying to look at a new way may surprise you. However, if you really find yourself bored out of your mind, try approaching the game this way. Football is a group of strong, burly men in very tight pants. So, enjoy the view. You may find a new appreciation and love for the sport, after all.

 And remember, it’s a party… This is an excuse to eat fried foods, drink beer and be exceptionally loud. Have fun with it. Even if you don’t understand why all these people are waving yellow towels in the air or screaming at the television, you can still enjoy the party. Make some delicious treats, laugh with your friends, enjoy the halftime show. Even people who don’t enjoy the game can’t resist an excuse to celebrate life.

 And if all else fails…Have your friends over for your own party and have your own cocktail hour. Then, join your boyfriend or friends for the halftime show and enjoy the rest of the game together. That way, you had your space, your partner had theirs, and everyone walks away happy. Well, assuming their favorite team won…

Use this cheat sheet to survive the day. Remember, relationships flourish when partners treat one another with respect and love, so putting a little effort into a hobby your lover enjoys will only make you that much more endearing, while expanding your horizons. Sounds like a relationship touchdown!

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