What He Wants You to Wear on a Summer Date

Single guys on Match.com weigh in on what their date should (and shouldn't) wear on a hot summer outing.

What He Wants You to Wear on a Summer Date

Single guys on Match.com weigh in on what their date should (and shouldn’t) wear on a hot summer outing.

-Faye Brennan

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Most men will admit that, when it comes to fashion, they don’t know the difference between a stiletto and an espadrille. Yet suddenly, when it comes to how a woman should dress on a first date, they become experts. They may not know what those sexy, strappy shoes are called, but they want you to wear them, damnit.

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Case in point, Match.com recently surveyed a bunch of their straight male users to see what their style preferences are for women on a summer date. Of the guys surveyed, 81 percent said they like their date to wear white pants, while 92 percent said a short skirt (predictable!).

While showing some skin will always fly with the fellas, baring too much is apparently not as hot. 12 percent of guys said crop tops are inappropriate and not cool in the hot heat, and 53 percent said, “Hell no!” to a thong bathing suit. They also shot down those gigantic, bug-eyed sunglasses we all adore, as 56 percent of guys said they don’t like the look.

Fine, we’ll give ‘em the crop tops, but the sunglasses are staying! For more of Match.com’s survey results (like what they think about braided hair), click here.

Tell us: what’s the perfect first date outfit for a guy on a hot summer day?

Faye Brennan is senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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