What's in a Name, Baby?

Stephanie Elliot talks about how the hardest thing about childbirth is naming your child!

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What’s in a Name, Baby?

Naming your child: the hardest thing about childbirth!

-Stephanie Elliot

a thinking womanSure, you’ve got your heartburn, morning sickness, weight gain and cramps all over the place, but when it comes right down to pregnancy, one of the most difficult symptoms to deal with may be BNS … or, Baby Naming Syndrome. It’s a symptom that keeps many moms up throughout the night; it can cause headaches, anxiety and mood swings as well. But most pregnant women must go through BNS in order to have the outcome they want: A name for their baby everyone will love.

Tell me you didn’t experience some sort of BNS when you were giving serious thought on what to name your child.

The Social Security Administration just came out with its top name list, and “E” names still rule, for both boys and girls. Emma, Emily and Ethan round out some of the top names on the list. Others include Michael, Jacob, Joshua, Daniel and Alexander for boys; and Isabella, Madison and Ava for top girl names.

Choosing a name is hard, and a name you may love today, doesn’t guarantee you’ll love it in five years, especially if suddenly every kid has that same name! But once you name your kid, and if it fits his or her personality, it will grow on you.

When I named my daughter, I wanted something unique. We came up with McKaelen. I know I have screwed her up for life because no one can spell it much less pronounce it (it’s Mah-Kay-Len). Also, many people think McKaelen is the last name. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been sitting in a waiting room for an appointment and someone will call out our last name, “Elliot?” But I still love her name so we deal with it. And not that I’ve ever considered it, but to legally change one’s name, there’s a fee involved, and a lot of hassle and paperwork. And then you’d have to deal with the question of, “What’s your name again?” Just ask “The singer formerly known as Prince.”

We hit the cyber-streets and asked some moms what they thought of the names they had chosen for their children, and fortunately, many of them have been happy with their choices:

I actually thought of Benajmin‘s name while I was shopping for his first blue outfit, less than an hour after I’d found out I was having a boy. Many months later my mother told me her great grandfather, a Cherokee Indian, was named Benjamin. So, I would never change his first name. His last name, however, his father’s last name – that I have thought about changing many a time!

Alaina, www.mssinglemama.com

I never picked out a girl’s name. I knew I was having a boy, though it wasn’t confirmed by a sonogram (too expensive in 1988). I named my son Jared, a modernized adaptation of my father’s name Gerald. My father had a stroke on my due date and died when his grandson was only 4 months old. They are so much alike; I wish they could’ve known each other.

Annette, www.annettefix.com

I LOVE my children’s names! I wanted something unique that could have a shortened nickname. When we were expecting our son, we browsed through names and decided we liked the name Brayden. I didn’t like the “Y” spelling, because I wanted a nickname, which would be too repetitive for us with the “Y”. So we changed the “Y” to an “E” and came up with Braeden, with a nickname of Braedy.

When we were expecting our second child and found out it was a girl, I again wanted a unique name, something that we could shorten to a nickname, and I wanted to use the “AE” letters like they appeared in my son’s name. Hence, how we came up with Kaelynn, with a nickname of Kaeli.

Sarah at Snarkalicious

I could change the name of my first two kids because I accidentally named them popular names at that time: Zachary and Taylor. To add insult to injury, “Taylor” became a popular GIRL name, and my Taylor is a boy. STAY ON YOUR OWN SIDE OF THE BABY NAME BOOK, MOTHERS OF GIRLS!

Angie Felton, @Susiesunshine

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0 thoughts on “What's in a Name, Baby?

  1. I love it when girls have strong names! I have three daughters, and they are named Alexa, Kameryn and Sawyer. My mother hated the name Sawyer for a girl, but I loved it and would never change it for the world. Nor would I change my other girls’ names; they fit their personalities so well.

  2. My 6-year-old daughter is Isabella … and I love her name so much. It just suits her perfectly. But … if I had known how popular it would be … I might have thought twice about it. She does have a very unusual middle name though — I’m sure she’s one of the only girls named Isabella Soleil!

  3. Yeah for Madison! Once I found out I was expecting a little girl, I made my husband take me to get a baby name book. I read every page of the book trying out different names I liked with our last name. Madison was the first name we came across that fit. The book had the meaning of her name as child of a mighty warrior. She is 4 months old now and I couldn’t imagine her with any other name.

  4. Recently I was in a group of ten women, and three were named Linda. I have a somewhat unusual first name and didn’t meet another person with the same name until I was around age 20. There are benefits and burdens to it.

  5. It took us forever to finally decide on my sons name. Eventually my husband and I took a baby name break, we just needed to reset our thoughts and come back to it in a few months I mean from the time of the sonogram to the time their born you have awhile to think and rethink the name. Eventually, we settled with Gavin Sebastian, and I love it, my son is definitely a Gavin.

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