What Sneaky Thing Is Julianne Moore Doing In This Photo?

Here's a hint, look at her feet.

What Sneaky Thing Is Julianne Moore Doing In This Photo?

Here’s a hint, look at her feet.

 -PJ Gach

Julianne Moore

Here’s Julianne Moore walking her dog, Cherry down a sunny New York City street. Cherry’s happy and Julianne looks cool in her T and J Brand Houlihan skinny cargo jeans ($230, singer22.com). She doesn’t look like she’s doing anything special, right? Zero in on Julianne’s feet, her shoes to be exact. Look closely. Do you see it?

 Julianne’s wearing the new FitFlop Happy Gogh clogs ($119, KirnaZabete.com). The clogs make look like ordinary shoes, but with every step you take, they tone your legs, thighs and butt. Now we know how Julianne keeps her enviable figure!

red clogs

 If you want to sneak in a workout during the day, or just wear the newest shoe trend, then try on pair for yourself.

 PJ Gach is the Senior Editor: Style+ Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “What Sneaky Thing Is Julianne Moore Doing In This Photo?

  1. kitty says:

    Omg does anyone believe these really work???

  2. booksorclothes says:

    I think the shoes are cute! I like them in red, Julianne should have gotten the red ones!

  3. dontbelievethehype says:

    and how much have they paid her to wear those ugly stinking things? pure set up! clearly think we all have more money than sense

  4. sophieisco says:

    I’ve actually seen Julianne wearing these myself in NYC, and bought myself a pair from Kirna Zabete. THE most comfortable clogs I have ever owned and you get height from the sole!

  5. dontbelievethehype says:

    i wonder who sophie works for?!

  6. NYCdogmommy says:

    Gee, I wonder who dontbelievethehype is working for- she sounds like a freak.

  7. festivelady826 says:

    I wouldn’t wear those hideous things if I was guaranteed to lose 30 pounds in one day……uugghhhh. There are many more fashionable alternatives that promise the same results.

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