What We Learned from Men's Magazines in August

They think we can't hang with the boys and they aim too high when online dating. Here's what else we learned about men this month.
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What We Learned from Men’s Magazines in August

They think we can’t hang with the boys and they aim too high when online dating. Here’s what else we learned about men this month.

-Faye Brennan

What We Learned from Men's Magazines in August

Is the summer really coming to an end? It makes us wish we lived in a warm weather climate where it’s sunny and beautiful all year long. Then again, we do love seeing guys in the fuzzy sweaters and subdued colors of fall, so bring on the cool weather!

But first, let’s round out one heck of a summer with some little-known tidbits about men we found out from reading their favorite magazines:

Read What We Learned From Men’s Magazines in July

1. They want to impress us with a yummy breakfast.
let guys in on an important little secret this month – if they make us breakfast in the morning, we’ll stick around for round two in the bedroom. And if they make the delicious-sounding French toast in the feature “Stuff Your Face,” (the recipe is on page 84, by the way), there may even be a round three and four. Chef’s Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo of Frankies Spuntino in Brooklyn, NY know the power of this French toast, which is why they share the recipe with readers. “Garnish with cinnamon and fresh fruit and you’re gonna look like a rock star,” they claim. We can’t argue with that.

2. They think we can’t handle a little vulgarity.
Are guys f#$*ing serious? They think that we can’t handle a little profanity? They should read Raha Naddaf’s piece in this month’s GQ: “Hey, I’m a F#$*ing Girl! Don’t Be So F#$*ing Vulgar.” She recalls feeling patronized after her group of guy friends made a dirty joke then stopped abruptly to apologize that they had done so in her presence. They assumed she was repulsed by their joking just because she was a “she.” When, in reality, Naddaf is as vulgar as they come (as was demonstrated in her piece). Guys, you’re f#$*ing foolish to think we can’t hang!

3. In fact, they only curse a little more than we do.
According to a statistic in Psychology Today (OK, it’s not necessarily a men’s magazine, but stick with us here), in 1996, 67 percent of public swearing episodes were by men, with women only accounting for 33 percent. In 2006, the playing field leveled out, with women accounting for 45 percent of public cursing, and men 55 percent. Looks like some of us have gone soft, eh boys?

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0 thoughts on “What We Learned from Men's Magazines in August

  1. bobbimariah says:

    I actually like it if guys don’t curse or are crude around me! It’s nice and respectful!

  2. violetgal says:

    I don’t mind crude comments, as long as they make me laugh!

  3. uptowngirl says:

    I curse more than my BF, and he still apologizes to me whenever he lets a curse slip. I think it’s cute though : )

  4. NYCdogmommy says:

    women have potty mouths, we know this!

  5. Fashionista says:

    I wish they would take more pointers from Mad Men… like how to dress well! Who can resist a guy who looks as good as Don Draper in a suit?

  6. marriagecoach1 says:

    Yes women curse like men but when it comes to the bedroom and taling dirty to men, most women have a whole lot of inhibitions about this. I would much rather a woman appear lady like in public and talk dirty to me in bed.

  7. sugarpie says:

    Actually, I don’t like bad language in either men or women. It’s cheesy.

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