What We Learned From Men's Magazines in June

They can get "hormonal" and are loving their hairy chests. Oh, and they expect to get some if you're a bridesmaid. Yes, we've learned plenty about men this month.
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What We Learned From Men’s Magazines in June

 They can get “hormonal” and are loving their hairy chests. Oh, and they expect to get some if you’re a bridesmaid. Yes, we’ve learned plenty about men this month.

-Faye Brennan

What We Learned From Men's Magazines in June

Usually, you only see women posing shirtless on the cover of men’s magazines – like Miranda Kerr is on GQ and Selita Ebanks is on Maxim. But, the fearless Russell Brand decided to join the ladies this month, posing shirtless for the cover of Rolling Stone, proving that our number 5 find – men are digging their hairy chests – is sadly true.

See what other hair-raising things we discovered about guys this month…

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1. They are so lazy!
We get that this month’s feature in Maxim, “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Life” by Lisa Freedman is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but we know some guys will actually use these services in order to not get off their butts. The resources include ibreakup.net, a site that will dump their girlfriend for them via email, and itspersonalmarketing.com, a site that will write their resume and cover letter. Ugh, it’s sad that we have to tell boys to just man up and do these things themselves.

2. They don’t fully understand why it’s the little things that count.
Don’t blame it on guys though. According to John Gray, Ph.D., author of Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice, who was used as a source for Mark Millhone’s piece, “My Marriage: The Autopsy” in Men’s Health, it’s science. “A women gives off pheromones when she feels taken care of by a man,” he says. “What men fail to realize is that on an interpersonal, chemical level, it’s the small stuff that really does matter. If you want to score 36 points, you don’t give her 36 roses. You give her one rose on 36 separate occasions.” See? It’s not so hard to understand, guys.

Wedding Crashers3. They expect to get with the bridesmaid.
Maybe we should blame the epic hit that was Wedding Crashers, or maybe Laura Leu for writing “You May Now Kiss the Bridesmaid,” in the June issue of Maxim. Because of Laura, Vince Vaughn, and Owen Wilson, guys think the maid of honor and her gals are up for grabs at any wedding. Laura writes that it’s a bridesmaid’s “loneliness” and “desperation” for romance that makes her so easy to bed. Great – now at the next wedding, we’ll be fighting off drunk groomsmen who’ve been told we’re a sure thing.

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0 thoughts on “What We Learned From Men's Magazines in June

  1. OK ladies – while this article is hilarious I do have to comment that not all men are covered by these points. Granted I speak as a gay man but hey – still a man. And BTW – hairless chests are for 12 year olds. Waxed back yes – waxed chest not so much.

  2. 1. They are so lazy!
    What’s really going on: women trying to justify nagging.
    What really happens: keep nagging and we’ll continue with success in our careers as well as keep banging everyone but you while you nag at home day and night. Want to lose a man and his respect for you? Nag him once. Just once. And you’re out.

    2. They don

  3. @ Seriouslyomgno… what is your problem lol…it’s just a funny article about the dumb articles that appear in men’s mags…geeze

    and Aloofa I totally agree with you!!!

  4. As for the so called “fact” that men can’t help not paying attention to small details…(36 roses on 36 different occasions)…I dont believe in that s***..for one there are some men who do,do these things (not that I’ve ever been with any) but I know they exist..and to me that’s just a cop out excuse for them to not ‘have’ to do these things for us..so nice try guys!

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