What We Love About America

Freedom to choose to live the way we want to tops our list!

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What We Love About America

Freedom to choose to live the way we want to tops our list!

-The Bettys

4th of JulyAs the 4th of July approaches, it’s nice to stop and take a minute out of our busy schedules to think about what makes this country so amazing. Here’s what the Betty team had to say:


Stephanie, associate editor: It’s not the typical apple pie or baseball games, but I love the fact that we can generally walk around free and do as we please. That the streets are not lined with camo-clad, gun-wielding men waiting to shoot at someone who looks at them the wrong way.

That women do not have to cover up their faces or be submissive to men, and can hold jobs, raise families, be strong or sexy and not have to follow some government rules because they are women.

That my children go to a great school, and I don’t have to worry that they will be harmed there or on their way home.

That even though my husband lost his job in May, we are still housed, clothed and being fed; that there is opportunity – you just have to be willing to find it and fight for it.

Judy, writer: I love that when OUR president stole the election in 2000, at least he had the good grace not to blow away unarmed protestors.

Francine, food+home editor: I love America because it’s filled with creative and talented women who have the freedom to express themselves without government interference. Our nation is open to innovative ideas and encourages entrepreneurs, so there’s always something new and exciting happening here.

Plus, we’ve got some of the world’s most amazing restaurants and best food!

Young CowboysJoseph, editorial assistant: Personally, I feel that this country is the best possible place to live. Think about it – we have such freedom in the United States; individuals in countries across so many foreign nations can’t even think of such a thing – not in their wildest dreams. That, and sweet tea; whoever invented that drink should be kissed a million times over. I heart America.

Julie, senior editor: I love the diversity of our nation. How so many people from so many parts of the world can come together and build an amazing country that we can all be proud of. I love the richness of our land and the variety of terrain and scenery. I treasure our freedom and the fact that we can speak out against and work to right all the wrongs that plague our great country and those around the world. It’s easy to take our freedom for granted, but we only need to glimpse at Iran and the violent protests there to see what happens in a land without it. Our government isn’t perfect; we are flawed in many ways. But we’re a nation of strength and compassion, fairness and action, and we should be thankful every day to the men and women who dedicate their lives to ensuring our safety and freedom.

Valerie, marketing: I love that we are the envy of other nations because we have the coolest, most down-to-earth and most intelligent president in history!

Lois, style+beauty editor: What I LOVE about America? OUR JEANS, HAIRCOLORISTS and TEES are incomparable to those anywhere else. EVERYONE in AMERICA behaves like a celebrity – and can become one overnight. WE HAVE NEW YORK CITY!!!


Carrie, L.A. correspondent: That we were brave and wise enough to elect Barack Obama as our president. That people from all over the world still flock to our shores for a chance at a better life. That we have the very, very rare freedom to give voice to our beliefs without fear of harm or death. That our Declaration of Independence lists one of our unalienable rights as “the pursuit of happiness.” Amazing. That Americans (of all income levels) donate twice as much to charities as the next charitable nation.

Myrna, editor-in-chief: Too often some Americans tend to see what’s wrong with America rather than all that is right and good about our country. So let me quote Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister, who, when speaking before Congress was speaking to all Americans. He said:

“Don’t ever apologize for your values. Tell the world why you’re proud of America. Tell them when the Star-Spangled Banner starts, Americans get to their feet, Hispanics, Irish, Italians, Central Europeans, East Europeans, Jews, Muslims, white, Asian, Black, those who go back to the early settlers and those whose English is the same as some New York cab driver’s I’ve dealt with … but whose sons and daughters could run for this Congress.

“Tell them why Americans, one and all, stand upright and respectful. Not because some state official told them to, but because whatever race, color, class or creed they are, being American means being free. That’s why they’re proud.” 

Yes, I love American because in this country we have freedom and we have opportunity. And we have selfless brave young patriots, both men and women, who are willing to serve in our military to protect our freedom and ensure the opportunities we all truly have.

FireworksApril, executive editor: I love the diversity – of the people, the cultures, the ways of life – from small towns in the south to big cities; from midwest farms to California beach communities. 

I love the opportunity – yes there’s still a lot of fear and prejudice and discrimination, but ultimately it is that melting pot our forefathers dreamed about. We are free to live as we please, we can choose the paths we take. Some people have it harder than others – but I really believe there is opportunity for all.

I love that I can vocally oppose the war, vote for my choice for president, walk freely on the streets, and raise my daughter according to my own beliefs to be a strong and independent woman.  

A few more of the things I love:

-Patsy Cline, Elvis Presley, the Hollywood Sign. 

-New York City, the Pacific coast.  Purple Wyoming mountains, glorious Minnesota grain fields, Jersey diners.

    -Paul Newman organic popcorn.

    -Walt Whitman, Maya Angelou, Ernest Hemmingway.

    -The Beats, the hippies, the greasers, the hipsters, even the yuppies!

    -Free Speech, civil rights, the Naked Cowboy in Times Square.

    -Martin Luther King, Jr.

    -Juke Boxes, Aretha Franklin, The Grand Canyon.

    -Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, the Boston Tea Party, Thanksgiving. 

    -The crazy cracked Liberty Bell, southern accents, San Francisco.

    -Key West.

    -Frank Ghery, Betsey Johnson, Martha Graham.

    -Cowboys, Indians, surfers, and – last but not least – fireworks on the 4th of July.

What do you love about the great U. S. of A? Tell us – we want to know!

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  1. This reminds me of summer camp when I was a kid and we’d all get up early to raise the flag as “I’m proud to be an American” blared through the P.A. system. That was one of my favorite parts of camp.

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