What We Want and Want to Give for Mother's Day

The Betty team shares a list of what they are both giving and receiving for Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day

What We Want and Want to Give for Mother’s Day

Some ideas, Betty style

-The Betty Editors

happy mother's dayWhat We Want

I would like a morning to sleep in, then breakfast out somewhere good with my family. On Mother’s Day, I never want a gift; I just want to feel loved and not have to do any of the work stuff I have to do every day. Of course, this really makes for a bad Monday after Mother’s Day when I have to do everything that didn’t get done! Maybe I should ask the family to clean the house while I lounge in my room reading a good book! Yet, every half-hour I would expect visits from my kids telling me how wonderful I am and lots of hugs and kisses. Seriously. This is all I want.


I want: Calories that don’t count, champagne bubbles, snuggles in bed with my children and husband, a long run and a few minutes to just breathe. Some Tom Ford sunglasses and new patio furniture would be nice too!


Having already attended the Mother’s Day tea at my daughter’s kindergarten, where I was showered with the sweetest handmade gifts and serenaded by my little girl and her class, I can honestly say my Mother’s Day cup runneth over. Nothing is so precious to me as those gifts my daughter makes herself. Now – that being said – I’m looking forward to a day of lounging … no dishes, no cooking, no chores! And … if my husband wants to buy me a present, it’s perfectly OK with me if he doesn’t make it himself, and instead, oh … say, visits ToryBurch.com for a pair of snake print ballerina flats. Just off the top of my head, you know. In case he’s reading this … (but breakfast in bed sounds great too, honey!).


Ideas for Giving

My mother always asked for a new tree – usually something flowering — for mother’s day. Needless to say, our back yard is a blossoming forest at this point! The wonderful thing about trees as gifts is that they continue to bring my mom joy year after year. You can create a tradition where you plant a tree as a family on mother’s day, then years later on you can picnic under those same trees.

OK, here’s how it worked in reality: My mom told us exactly which tree she wanted, my dad found it at the nursery, my sister and I made a card to go with the tree, then my mom and dad did all the tree planting while my sister and I stayed inside to watch cartoons. But we were planting in spirit! And then the whole family celebrated with pancakes at Village Inn. Yay mom!


This mother’s day, I am getting my mother a discount coupon from restaurant.com; they offer an array of dining venue certificates for about half the price of what it’s really worth … if you ask me, this is SUPER recession friendly! The point of buying it this year is so that her and my dad can have a date-night out during our week in California while us “kids” stay back by the pool.

I’m also getting my future mother and sister-in-law relatively cheap flowering plants from the local grocer – they look amazing, and I don’t have to bust my wallet.


My perfect mother’s day would be one actually spent with my mom. I wish I’d appreciated her more while I had her.

Love, Sally Sunshine! (Judy)

My friend Wendy told me last night that she and her niece, also named Wendy, are doing something special this Mother’s Day. Big Wendy collected 300 pieces of good costume jewelry from friends and connections. Little Wendy identified a needy elementary school in Atlanta. Next week, each kid at the school who has good grades, or has improved his or her grades, or has good attendance, or is a good classroom citizen, will get a coupon and can select a piece of jewelry to give to an important lady in his life (grandmother, mom, aunt, teacher, etc.) for Mother’s Day.

This story moves me so much, and I can only imagine the joy and pride these kids will have in being able to give something nice to someone who makes a difference in their lives.


For my mother: anything related to golf. She found the sport late in life and is more passionate about it than anyone I know. I love that she’s found something she loves so much and it’s great exercise to boot.


Okay, I guess I’ll voice what I think some moms secretly wonder – is Mother’s Day for spending with or without your kids? There’s a piece of me that wants to be completely selfish and say: “Hey, Hon, you take the kids for the day while I do whatever I want, even if that means absolutely nothing at all.” But, I imagine after an hour or so of that, I would wonder what they’re off doing and how I’m missing out on all the fun!


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