What Women Think about Palin

Feel the Pulse of Women™ What Women Think about Palin From the mouths of Bettys -The Bettys The results of our survey on Sarah Palin are in, and in less than a week, more than 500 of you responded. Thank you for your participation! One thing is for sure, this vice presidential candidate evokes some […]

Feel the Pulse of Women™

What Women Think about Palin

From the mouths of Bettys

-The Bettys

The results of our survey on Sarah Palin are in, and in less than a week, more than 500 of you responded. Thank you for your participation!

One thing is for sure, this vice presidential candidate evokes some strong emotions among women. Here are some of the comments included in the survey from both camps so you can see just what your fellow Bettys think. And get ready, because they certainly didn’t hold back!

Overall, we’ll tell you that no matter how adamantly women disagree with Palin, a majority still seems to like and admire her. The survey showed that 60 percent of women “like” Sarah Palin and 60 percent “admire” her. An overwhelming majority (83 percent) said they will not vote for McCain/Palin just because she’s a woman.

To find out how many think her personal life will affect her ability to serve as vice president, and for more of the complete results, make sure you have registered on our Web site, and you’ll receive them via e-mail.

Also, get ready for our next political survey on Michelle Obama. It will be posted this Friday! More surveys on Cindy McCain and others will follow.


Said one strong supporter: “Mrs. Palin is a very straight to the point kind of person who I believe she has done what she said she did as governor of Alaska and I really believe that she could run this great country if something did happen to McCain, due to his age. She is a fresh drink of water in the political world. I really feel it would be a sore eye for America, if she does not make to Washington.”

“Sarah’s family situation only makes her human as the rest of us,” stated another respondent. “We all have different problems in our lives concerning family and self but we are looking at Sarah’s ability to lead and assist the president. I feel that Sarah’s record in the offices she has held so far show that she is more than qualified in making good decisions. This record gives me confidence in her ability to be our next Vice President.”

This is from a respondent who believe Palin’s background and experience are just what we need: “She is a very bright, articulate, self assured candidate. Who has our countries future at the top of her list. If you compare her to Clinton she is so much more qualified. Without Bill, Hilary would have been nowhere. I feel that our country will be greatly changed by her presence as our vice-president. She will care for all of our citizens whether they are unborn, handicapped, elderly, homeless, or sick. Her hart is in the right place. Considering that Russia is directly across from Alaska I’m quite sure that she is extremely well educated and informed as to our countries policies and relationship with them. The Russians have significant military bases in this geographical area as well. If you look at the off shore fishing questions, she will also be well informed. Then there are the environmental questions and possibly claiming new territory since the arctic land and waterways are becoming accessible due to the ice melt. All of these will be very important to our future.”

And this from a woman who calls McCain’s choice “perfect”: “I don’t know what everyone is making such a fuss about her daughter being pregnant when they forgive x-pres Clinton for screwing around with an intern in the oval office. I believe she is a down to earth person who really wants this country to be a much better place for us to live in. I think McCain’s choice was perfect.”

Another very adamant supporter had this to say: “Sarah Palin is an awesome person, it matters NOT what her personal life is, or was! That is NO ones business except for SARAH PALIN! GEESH…GET a GRIP people!! Leave her alone already!! Let her run and keep what she does with her PRIVATE life PRIVATE! I admire that she still holds her head up and says the hell with what people, (IGNORANT PEOPLE at that) say and still does what she needs to do to run for VP and make our world a better, safer and more prosperous place to live in!”

Not-so-pro Palin

Those who don’t support Palin feel very strongly as well. “Sarah Palin is an extremist who is interested only in advancing her own views for her own personal gain and that of her cronies,” stated one respondent. “Her policies are dangerous and destructives to our nation’s people, and to freedom itself. She has consistently used her position in attempts to destroy the lives of others who did not agree with her extremist views. If she were a man would call her a bully. But since she is a woman I shall refer her to the classic “mean girl” in high school who spends all of her energy judging others and attempting to destroy those who fail to bow down to her power or who have the potential to garner more power in her clique. Clearly she should have spent more time studying.”

This woman is turned off by Palin’s lack of experience: “It boggles my mind that people are excited about a woman who had absolutely no aspirations to be VP let alone President just three weeks ago! It’s ridiculous that these politicians claim not to be politicians. If I needed a heart surgeon, I wouldn’t go under the knife of a 2nd year med student! We need people running the country who have at least thought about domestic and international issues for a few years.”

And this respondent seems turned off by pretty much everything about Palin: “As a ‘white executive woman’ I am embarrassed by the gullibility of my counterparts. Wake up ladies and smell the roses, Palin is a great orator but is shallow and without substance. If you buy into the rhetoric without substance you are fueling exactly what men say about women, making decisions on emotions rather than facts. We are not voting for “Vice President” we are voting for President of the United States, and McCain is NOT what we want. We will get exactly what we ask for, an extension of the warmonger, shoot ’em up, what’s-in-it-for-me attitude that we now have. As a manager for 20+ yrs I know that management by fear only works on the short term, the republicans have used it to dupe the American public and unfortunately the majority of Americans bought in to the smoke screen. They are doing it again with Palin. Give me a break!!! Drill baby Drill????? Let’s do exactly what China, Russia and all major powers (which we no longer are, look up the facts) want us to do, stay with 20th century technology rather than catching up with the world and develop 21st century alternative fuels. By this “Drill baby Drill” rhetoric, the focus taken away from where it needs to be. What do you think OPEC will do if we do obtain more oil from drilling? They will cut their production so oil stays at the current high rates. Use your brains ladies, you do have them! Do not allow the self serving Palins of the world to put the world’s opinions’ of women back in the gutter!”

Here’s one from a woman who questions a question Palin asked: “Personally, I couldn’t care less if her teenager is pregnant or how many days she took off work after her special-needs child was born. She’s not running to be my mom. But here’s the thing: upon hearing that she was being considered as a VP pick, she told a reporter (with a TV camera) that her only question was what exactly the Vice President DOES ALL DAY. Listen, missy, if you don’t know what the VP does and you’re not smart enough to either keep that fact to yourself or to ask someone IN PRIVATE to explain it to you, you are way too dumb for the job. Got it? I want to see a woman in the White House as much as the next girl, but not one that’s going to make us all look bad. I live in France, and she is a JOKE abroad. The rest of the world can’t even believe that Americans would consider an anti-abortion religious extremist with no care for the environment in this day and age.”

And this respondent is flat out scared of Palin: “Scary scary scary. She’s a woman who holds a strong set of beliefs that set back women’s rights. She would be 2nd in command to a 72year old with less-than-stellar health record and it’s highly probable that she would end up president. SCARY – she nominates supreme court judges? Don’t like her view on women’s right to choose. SCARY – she might be commander in chief? Our representative to the world? Didn’t have passport till ’07, has no foreign affairs experience and no credibility/experience in Washington – a city where you need credibility to get anything done. SCARY.”

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