What's Julia Roberts Doing on This List? 6 Crazy Celeb Love Acts

Julia Robers to Angelina Jolie! From couch jumping to wearing your lover's blood around your neck, there is no act too out-there for some celebs.
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What’s Julia Roberts Doing on This List? 6 Crazy Celeb Love Acts

From couch jumping to wearing your lover’s blood around your neck, there is no act too out-there for some celebs.

-Shari Goldhagen

Tom Cruise on Oprah

There has been way too much cheating and splitting up happening in Hollywood lately. Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman are done. Ashton Kutcher (allegedly) hooked up with a 20-something trollop behind Demi Moore’s back. Courteney Cox and David Arquette are seemingly beyond repair. What’s next — Will and Jada Smith? Perhaps some crazy gestures might fix one of these messy relationships.

Love has a tendency to make us do some pretty nutso things—good and bad. Remember hiking Mt. Everest for that awesome (and altitude sick) marriage proposal? Or the time you found your husband was cheating so you cut the crotch out of all of his pants? We admit it, we’re not always proud of our amour-induced actions.

But celebrities, they’re cool, they’re calm, they can get anyone. They’d never do any of the dumb crap we lovesick mere mortals do …  right? Actually that’s not true! Here are  some tales of famous people doing stuff just as silly as the rest of us.

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1. Tom Cruise Goes Couch Jumping

Though neither Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes could stop blabbing about their relationship when they began dating in 2005, the world at large was hesitant to believe it was true love and not a publicity stunt to promote their upcoming movies or some contractual backroom deal to mask his rumored homosexuality.

Still we got to hand it to him. When Tom, now 48, hurled himself off Oprah Winfrey’s couch, and professed his love to that sorta cute girl from Dawson’s Creek 17 years his junior, well, that’s definitely crazy. And maybe it was for love. After all, War of the Worlds was a Spielberg film and going to just fine at the box office without a PR stunt marriage.

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  1. Where do we find guys like Richard Burton? My home was burglarized and I lost all my very expensive diamond jewelry and am in desperate need of some new baubles…………

  2. Always found it amazing how Julia got a pass by the public despite the fact that she broke up a marriage and acted so vile and immature. I lost all respect for her, that was compounded by the way she treats her fans. She definitely has a superiority complex and does not appreciate that it is her fans who made her rich & famous.
    As for Angelina…she will always be a loose cannon…just waiting for her next stunt…always found her Mother Teresa transformation amusing.

  3. It’s fascinating to me too that Julia Roberts got a pass on breaking up hubby’s prior marriage, yet the press is still screaming about LeAnn Rimes a couple of years after the fact. Inconsistency that drives me batty.

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