What’s the Best Beauty Advice Your Mom Ever Gave You?

Beauty expert Rebekah George shares the top beauty tips her mother shared with her.

What’s the Best Beauty Advice Your Mom Ever Gave You?

Beauty expert Rebekah George shares the top beauty tips her mother shared with her.

What's the Best Beauty Advice Your Mom Ever Gave You?

My sister and I usually make fun of my mom when we go to the beach — she wears long-sleeve t-shirts with pants and hides from the sun underneath her giant umbrella. But, thanks to her unusual beach habits, her skin is gorgeous and smooth.

It’s one of the many beauty tips I’ve learned from my mother — you may love the sun, but it’s not your skin’s BFF, so protection is key. She’s also taught me that less is more when it comes to makeup, and that red lipstick is classic, timeless and sexy. Thanks, mom.

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I’m not the only one who heeds my mother’s beauty advice. Rebekah George, fashion & beauty expert and host of Total Look on TotalBeauty.com, has never forgotten the beauty lessons her own mother has taught her.

After Mother’s Day earlier this month, we caught up with Rebekah, who was eager to share her mom’s important beauty tips with us. We’re curious, is that one of your mother’s beauty tips that she taught you? What else did you learn from her?


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26 thoughts on “What’s the Best Beauty Advice Your Mom Ever Gave You?

  1. I don’t recall my mother giving any beauty advice (not that she wasn’t pretty), aside from her concern that my nails always be manicured! To this day, I feel a need to always have a fresh coat of polish on perfectly manicured nails.
    So for that, I say thanks mom!

  2. One of the best beauty tips that my mom ever gave me is eating healthy food and having as much rest as possible. I believe that sometimes even great skin care products won't solve any of your problems because you have to pay attention to what happens to your body from the inside. Of course, we are all different but these tips worked for me!

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