When You Have A Hookup You Regret

15 bad hookups that were worse than yours

When You Have A Hookup You Regret

15 bad hookups that were worse than yours.

-Libby Keatinge

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You know the feeling. You wake up in the morning going, “What have I done?” as you look over at the guy you just had sex with the night before drooling on your floral Frette pillow. If he’s at your place, you can’t wait to get him out the front door and pretend the whole thing never happened. If you are at his, you find your panties, put on your club gear from the night before and attempt to not look like a street hooker as you bolt out of his place and make your way home, as a dark cloud of regret hovers over you.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we’ve all made mistakes. Check out this list of The 15 Hookups We Sort of Regret, brought to you by The Frisky. Surely there’s one on there who’s worse than that guy with the empty beer bottle collection lining his wall that you just left.

1. The Two-Pump Chump: It was over before it even started.

2. The Pathological Liar: He wasn’t really who he seemed anyway.

3. The Guy Whose Name I Can’t Remember: Who the eff is Dion and why is he texting me?

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4. The Guy I Didn’t Remember, Period: If you can’t remember it, it didn’t happen!

5. The Young One: You felt like you were fulfilling his boning the babysitter fantasy.

6. The Nerd Who Wanted Me To Frog Him: It can count as charity work.

7. The Ex-Boyfriend: Recycling is for plastic bottles, not your ex.

Read the rest of the list at TheFrisky!

Tell us: Which one of these have you had? What’s your worst hook-up ever?

Libby Keatinge is a Senior Editor at BettyConfidential

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