When Your Guy's Mother REALLY Hates You

You've done absolutely nothing wrong. You do whatever his mom wants you to do. You've even bought her gifts. Still, she hates you.
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Attack number 3: Encourage mommy and son time

Your boyfriend wants to spend most of his time with you, but ignoring his mother will only make you look bad. Encourage your boyfriend to spend time with his mother and call her often. You may even consider setting up a special night for the two of them to go out to dinner and a movie.

Attack number 4: Ask her for help

Many mothers feel replaced as an advisor when their son finds a girlfriend. You can help her feel better by asking her what her opinion is about a certain topic of discussion between you and your boyfriend. Be careful though, because if you ask for the opinion, it’s best that you take it. Talk this over with your boyfriend before you do it to make sure he would agree with whatever his mother suggests.

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Attack number 5: Ask for help from your boyfriend

Your boyfriend knows his mother best. He may be the perfect person to smooth things over between you and his mom. Ask him what his mother would think if he simply asked that she give you a chance. Often times, a mother will melt for her son and his requests are considered. Once she softens, you can then pull out all the stops to keep her from regretting her decision to finally let you in.

When Nothing Works

If you’ve tried everything suggested, and she still has no desire to be nice to you, it’s going to be up to you to accept it. Some things in life you can change and some things in life you cannot. This situation may be one that you cannot change, and for that reason, you just need to let it go. Continue being the nice, respectful, and good girlfriend you are, and let his mother deal with the emotions she refuses to change. The more you let it affect you, the worse you will feel about it, which causes stress on your relationship. Hug your boyfriend, tell him you love him, and remember that is all that matters.

Marcelina Hardy is a freelance writer and relationship coach for Relationship Repair and a staff writer for the iNLP Center helping people improve their love life and health.

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3 thoughts on “When Your Guy's Mother REALLY Hates You

  1. I absolutely ADORE my son's girlfriend! She is the most FABULOUS woman he has ever had. I would be devastated if they broke up! She and I have already agreed that no matter what happens with them, she and I will always be friends.

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