Who Do You Think Will Win The Oscars?

Yahoo and Las Vegas oddsmakers weigh in on the Academy Awards.
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Who Do You Think Will Win The Oscars?

Yahoo and Las Vegas oddsmakers weigh in on the Academy Awards!

-PJ Gach


People have been making predictions for months on who is going to walk away with a gold statue Sunday night. Some people think that who ever won a Golden Globe will win an Academy Award. Then there are those people who look over an actor’s entire career and base their predictions on how many times he or she has come thisclose to winning. Some people get really creative and stick photos on a dart board and if a dart falls on a face … voila!

Now, we’re not saying run to a bookie (where would you find one anyway?) and place a bet. Not only is it illegal, but the only people who really know who the winners are, are the people who have tallied up the votes.

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But it is kinda cool to see what the experts in Las Vegas think about who’s going to win. Then, compare their predictions against who is hot in Internet searches, and it might give you a peek into what will happen Sunday night.

We checked on what the so-called pros are saying about the Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Movie categories. Take a look at what we found and remember to compare what the experts said with what the news will say Monday morning.

Best Actress

natalie portman

The contenders are: Natalie Portman (Black Swan), Annette Bening (The Kids Are All Right), Nicole Kidman (The Rabbit Hole), Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone) and Michelle Williams (Blue Valentine).

If you’re going to go by Yahoo’s searches, the number one actress who’s being searched is, you guessed it, Natalie Portman, followed by Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence, then Annette Bening. America’s Line and Gambling911.com agree with Yahoo and say Natalie has the award locked down. What do you think?

Best Actor and Best Picture predictions up next!

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