Whoops: The Worst Celebrity Wedding Offenses in Recent History

If you're going to get married... don't do it like these celebs.
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3. Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber’s Hotel Buy-Out

Cindy Crawford wedding offense

In 1998, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber held one of those totally low-key-barefoot-on-the-beach-in-a-John-Galliano-slip-dress weddings. Despite this effortlessly tossed together Bahamian affair, there was a hitch: the luxury hotel where they decided at the last minute to throw the wedding, already had 20 total strangers booked! So they bought out the entire hotel, booted the 20 guests and paid for them to stay somewhere else. That’s what you get for planning your vacation at someone else’s last-minute wedding.

4. Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes’ Overzealous Security Team

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes wedding

‘Member these two crazy kids? Six years before their marriage ended in a fiery media blaze, they took over a 15th century castle in Italy and made like the world was ending with a display of fireworks that no dog would approve of.

Tom Cruise Katie Holme wedding offense

TomKat’s affair was described by People magazine as having “the warmth of an all-in-the- famiglia Italian wedding.” But here’s what it looked like from the outside. When they arrived in Rome for their wedding, bodyguards built a human velvet rope to protect the couple from that lady in the pink pants.

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