Who's Good Enough to Be Sandra's Sweetheart?

One of these guys just might be the one who puts stars in her eyes.
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Who’s Good Enough to Be Sandra’s Sweetheart?

One of these guys just might be the one who puts stars in her eyes.

-Elisa Mala

Sandra Bullock

For all of Sandra Bullock’s sizzling scenes on the silver screen – the lady has stolen the hearts of Bill Pullman, Benjamin Bratt, Hugh Grant and a scorching Ryan Reynolds – she hasn’t had that happy ending in real life, to say the least. Before the public humiliation with Jesse James, there was a broken engagement to Tate Donovan.

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But though Sandra’s shown no sign of returning to the dating life, when she’s ready to go back into action, she just might find real happiness with one of these good guys:

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0 thoughts on “Who's Good Enough to Be Sandra's Sweetheart?

  1. I’d like to see her on her own for at least a year – give her a chance to settle, and to find her own balance – as for who she should date – I get the feeling that she looks more toward those who are not in the celebrity spotlight, so I don’t see her with anyone who has that status – whoever he turns out to be though, he will be one very lucky guy –

  2. I agree she should wait at least a year before dating. She has that wonderful new baby boy to occupy her time and mind.
    (and when she does date, stay away from Mel Gibson!)

  3. shamrockblonde said it best, and she should take her time when she is ready, and maybe even start out as friends and see where it goes. Don’t want sweet Sandra hurt again.

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