Why Do Men Need a Wingman? A Professional Explains

Betty wings it with Thomas Edwards Jr. to find out why men-and women-can benefit from having a wingman.
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Why Do Men Need a Wingman? A Professional Explains

Betty wings it with Thomas Edwards Jr. to find out why men—and women—can benefit from having a wingman.

-Lindsay Tigar


While he may not have realized it at the time, perhaps one of the best things to happen to Thomas Edwards Jr. was discovering his girlfriend cheated on him. To overcome the initial sting, Edwards started writing a blog as a way to hold himself accountable for his future and to focus on healing his wounds, instead of licking them.

While his blog, Project Infinity, was never intended to lure in others dealing with relationship issues, Edwards started receiving requests for advice through comments and emails from readers. In response, he claimed he wasn’t an expert – but then he thought again.

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Maybe by sharing his own experiences and the wisdom from his past, he could help others overcome their issues, and possibly, even aid them in their endless quest to find love. Edwards created The Professional Wingman, and has since been gaining street credit as the real-life “Hitch” by Maxim, E! Online, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal – just to name a few.

To help the Bettys understand the business of winging (and why we should have our own wingwoman), Edwards gives us an insider’s look into the life of a wingman:

BC: For all of us clueless chicks out there, what is a wingman exactly?
TE: A wingman is someone who will go to great lengths to help you achieve your goals. He has your back no matter what goes down. He’s also a mentor, not only giving you feedback on what you’re doing right or wrong, but also motivating and inspiring you to get the job done. As a professional in the dating world, I help you go out there and build confidence to meet, attract and woo the person that catches your eye.

Why do men need a wingman?
Sometimes, guys can have a hard time mixing and mingling with women, especially when they’re solo. When you’re with someone else who has your back and knows what you want, it’s hard not to feel more confident throughout the night. There are also times when things unexpectedly come up. Maybe the woman you’re lusting over is in a large group of friends or her big brother is being overly protective. When you know you have a guy that can help you manage “logistical conflicts,” it makes you calmer, smoother and more relaxed in front of the woman you desire. In the end, that’s what it’s about.

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  1. I for sure have a wingwoman!!! she’s my best friends. And I do get intimidated when a guy has a wingman but the good thing is I can have my wingwoman distract the wingman and I get the guy:)

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