Why Guys Really Reject Us, Naked Photos, And Hottie Eric Decker: Men in November

What guys are really thinking: five facts we learned from reading their magazines.
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Eric Decker

3. The Denver Broncos have a serious hottie on their hands.
Excuse us as we wipe off the drool from the pages of GQ featuring their photoshoot with Eric Decker, wide receiver for the Denver Broncos. Just take a look for yourself and you’ll see why we’ve just developed a serious new crush. Plus, he happens to be the same age as us! We’ve always wanted to be a footballer’s wife – now, if only we lived in Denver.

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4. They love balls.
Meatballs, that is. In their November issue, Maxim pays homage to the meaty little spheres, dubbing them “the latest in retro-cool man-food.” They list restaurants in major cities that offer the tastiest options and two recipes for guys to make themselves. Here’s what to take away from all of this: if you just spent $400 of your man’s money on shoes, guess what you’ll be making him tonight to make him forget all about it?

5. And they like to show them off.
Ok, now we are talking about the ones you’re thinking of. In a sidebar called “Private Parts,” the Maxim editors ask the question we’ve all been wondering: what’s with guys like Brett Favre taking photos of their junk? Turns out other sports stars like Grady Sizemore, Martellus Bennett, Greg Oden, and Darnell Dockett have done the same, in different ways, but in every case, the evidence spread across the Internet. Though we’re well aware it’s super risky to ever take nude pics, it makes much more sense when women do it – at least we turn somebody on.

Faye Brennan is an assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Why Guys Really Reject Us, Naked Photos, And Hottie Eric Decker: Men in November

  1. Why is it that the Betty seems to think that whatever the looser writers at mens’ magazines are saying what men are thinking? They are writing about what they think will sell, is sensational or to get a rise out of guys, often by annoying them and most of the magazines Betty seems to follow are the ones loser guys living in their mom’s basement are reading not real men with real lives and real jobs.

    These mags are mostly read by wannabe boys trying to figure out how to act and look in front of women because they are too insecure and clueless to figure it out on their own.

    Rarely are the writing about what we real men think, You’d do well to ignore them Betty.

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