'Why I Asked Her To Marry Me'

One guy tells why he proposed and asked his girlfriend to marry him.
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‘Why I Asked Her To Marry Me’

One guy tells why he proposed.

-Matt Passet

Why I asked her to marry me 

I’ve now been married for just over two years.  Someone asked me recently how I knew I should get married and how I knew that it was the right person I was marrying.  The answer to both questions seems simple, and comes down to the most basic and selfish part of human nature: I saw something I wanted and I tried to get it.  And once I got it, I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose it. 

It Took Time and Effort to Get Her

Our story together began with her hating me. We worked together, and I would pass the time with my coworkers by chatting loudly, singing humorously (in my opinion), and just being generally immature and obnoxious.  Shockingly, my wife was not a fan of this person she first observed. At the time she had a boyfriend.

She and I would chat occasionally, joke around sometimes, but we were merely acquaintances up until the time I moved on to another job. When we met up a year later at the party of a mutual friend, we had the immediate comfort level of two people who were already acquainted.  After reconnecting at the party, I called her later that night to make sure she’d gotten home ok.  (She had since split up with her boyfriend.)  We started dating and almost immediately, I was more comfortable with her than I’d been with anyone before.

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Our Relationship Was Based On Friendship and Being Comfortable With Each other

Because we had known each other in the past, dating was easy.  It was as if we’d already had a rough sketch of the other person and were now filling in the details, as opposed to the standard relationship, where you start out with the specific details that the other wants you to see – your best features – and only later reveal the larger picture. Our first few dates were simple and casual, and she made it comfortable for me to be the person I naturally was.

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