Why I LOVE Dita Von Teese

The "Queen of Burlesque,” Dita Von Teese, is chic and scandalous all in one.
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Why I LOVE Dita Von Teese

The “Queen of Burlesque” is chic and scandalous all in one.

-Libby Keatinge

Dita Von Teese

How does she do it? She is amazing! She does it all! No, I am not talking about a supermom. I am talking about the fabulous Miss Dita Von Teese. She is truly mesmerizing. Not only because her boobs defy gravity, but because she has achieved an almost unattainable status: Slutty AND Classy! Evidenced by the two cities in which she has homes and splits her time, Hollywood and Paris, Dita shows that you can be trash and chic all rolled into one. She strips, has been married to a rock star, but still can be found front row at the uber chic Paris Fashion Week.

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With Burlesque coming out today, I have to pay my little ode to the “Queen of Burlesque” Dita. I know Cher and Christina Aguilera are going to rock it out, but Dita really has defined burlesque and given it her own chic twist.

People say you either have to be a Jackie OR a Marilyn, but miraculously, Dita is both!

Dita Von Teese

Things Dita does that are trashy:

-Was married to Marilyn Manson from 2005 to 2007

-Started working in a strip club at age 18

-performed at Adult Entertainment Erotica convention in 2007

-appeared in soft core porn flicks Romancing Sarah and Matter of Trust

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