Why We Love to Give Our Guys Makeovers

Why women often feel the need to change their man's style - whether he likes it or not.
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Why We Love to Give Our Guys Makeovers

Why women often feel the need to change their man’s style – whether he likes it or not.

-Faye Brennan

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We love makeovers. We can’t wait to watch them on Friday mornings on the Today show and on Tuesday nights on What Not to Wear. Unfortunately for our boyfriends and husbands, this love makes its way into our personal lives. For some reason, we like to consider our men our “little projects.”

Admit it: before you even get serious with a guy, you probably take mental note of things you’ll change about his look once you’re officially dating. You say to yourself (or your friends), “His pants have got to go,” and “He needs a haircut… bad,” as if you’re some sort of style expert like Stacy and Clinton.

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In the beginning of your relationship, you approach the situation cautiously. Maybe you surprise him with a nice J. Crew sweater or a statement watch “just because.” Then, you start dropping hints of how much you love that outfit you saw in the store window or that he looks good in blazers… he should wear them more often!

Once you reach the point when you’re totally comfortable in your relationship, the claws come out. You tell him flat out you’re taking him shopping or to go get his hair cut, even if it’s against his will. You threaten to throw out his favorite shirt that has the holes in it. When getting ready for Sunday brunch, you drop the bomb: “You’re really going to wear that?” 

Most likely, your guy hates this. He swears up and down that he’s not setting foot in a mall with you and that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what he has on. But his efforts are useless. He can only fight the “man makeover mission” for so long until he eventually surrenders. You win, and you have the stylishly dressed arm candy to prove it.

Consuelo B., a 33-year old from Florida, knew that her boyfriend needed a makeover after their first couple of dates. “His style tended to be the oversized polo and worn out khaki pants,” she recalls.

And yet, she waited until after they were married to begin her attack. “I headed to the mall on a mission,” she admits. “But I found that his style was not the product of bad personal taste, but of few available options. He’s 5’7″, and mainstream stores don’t stock clothes for shorter men.”

Consuelo shared her findings with her hubby, whom she says wasn’t offended by her makeover efforts. In fact, the couple used the experience as inspiration to start FortheFit.com, an online clothing retailer and manufacturing company for shorter men. “Now, he has a very well-stocked closet, and wears clothes that fit his personal style and body shape.”

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0 thoughts on “Why We Love to Give Our Guys Makeovers

  1. Seriously? NO-you do NOT have the right to “insist or force our men to make these changes to their looks”! Wow. How would you like it if he did that to you?
    If my man asks for my opinion that’s different. If you don’t like something about him then why go out with him and make him your “project”? That’s insulting. Wow!

  2. I have to politely and completely disagree. More men than women need makeovers out there and there are way too many enablers allowing these guys to be slobs. On the other hand, there are a lot of women who don’t do this. They’ll stick to dating “perfect” men which is a mistake in and of itself, but that’s another topic for another day. Women should date fixer-uppers (guys who, for the most part, are decent yet could use an upgrade in some aspect of their appearance).

    It’s easier to change a man’s appearance than his attitude. If a man who needs to clean up his act isn’t willing to do so, then that says a lot about his character and he should probably be given his walking papers.

    On the other hand, it takes a strong, patient, and creative woman to be able to spearhead a makeover. Keep in mind it’s not about changing the guy’s personality per se, but just making him good looking for himself. You won’t turn a black guy white, a short guy tall, or a oval jawed guy into a square jawed one, so don’t waste your time in that regard. If you’re willing to help the guy come up with a style that resonates with his frame and good character, however, then take the lead. Men are not psychics. So, if you want him to shave that child molester facial hair, wear a blazer to a five-star restaurant, and have clean skin, all you gotta do is speak up. If he’s not willing to get better, get him out of there.

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