Why Women Buy Clothes That Don’t Fit

if you're like most women, you buy clothes that aren't your size!
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Caroline Manzo

Too often, women are tempted to buy clothes that are either too small or too big. Not everyone is like Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo- we can’t afford to throw money away on clothes.

The two main reasons why women have ill-fitting clothing in their closets are:

1. If I buy something that I love that’a in a smaller size, it will motivate me to lose weight!

2. If I buy this item in a little bigger size with a looser fit, I won’t look heavy!

Here is why these two choices will only set you up to sabotage yourself.

1. When you have a section of clothes in your closet that represent your “dream size,” you will remind yourself everyday that you cannot wear those clothes. Every day you’ll tell yourself that you’re too big. You end up giving yourself a daily dose of discouragement. This may make you to eat more and continue your emotional battle with weight.

2. When you wear clothes that are too big, you look frumpy. When you feel frumpy, you feel fat. Loose-fitting clothes actually make you appear to be bigger than you are. Again the same psychology applies, when you feel frumpy and fat, you have a greater tendency to overeat and there goes the diet.

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12 thoughts on “Why Women Buy Clothes That Don’t Fit

  1. ferrisguevara says:

    I know…because we all try so hard to look our best even if their is a price of being uncomfortable in it!!

  2. NYCdogmommy says:

    I’m guilty of this, I buy stuff and never wear it because I keep thinking of how much I paid for it.

  3. booksorclothes says:

    Good tips!

  4. Yay heels says:

    Oh, I’m cringing when I read this!

  5. shopaholic says:

    I think I’m going to be going through my closet over the weekend.

  6. Must Love Pink 16 says:

    Story of my life!! I’m always buying clothes that are too big for me. Just last night I put on a black skirt I wanted to wear and got so mad that it was too big…even though it was my fault in the first place! Great tips!

  7. ftblackwell says:

    Really like this article. Maybe it will help me stop hanging on to the “I love it’s, it was $$, but it nolonger fits” group in my closet.

  8. chatterboxchick81 says:

    the how much do i love it scale i can relate with completly!

  9. 24glow says:

    I don’t agree with “if you haven’t worn it in 12-18 months, get rid of it.” I think if it fits and you still like it, and you have the room to keep it, don’t get rid of it. Even if it is out of style, it will come back. I am 40 and I have seen so many things that I have gotten rid of come back in style. From now on, if I like it, and it fits, I’m keeping it!!

  10. hannah says:

    "1. If I buy something that I love that’a in a smaller size, it will motivate me to lose weight!" ….. If i had a dollar for every time i've done that!

  11. Anit J says:

    "How come I am a size 0 in brand X but a size 4 in brand Y" and it still doesn't fit right. I know of a company that is working on this problem and have figured out a

    cool way to help women find great styles that fit correct. It may not be as exact as custom tailored but how often do we do that. It is a simple 2 minute survey.

    The link is http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BKL9XNW

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