Will Christina Aguilera's Big Ol' Divorce Guarantee A Box Office Success?

'Burlesque' opens curiously close to Christina Aguilera's split from Jordan Bratman.
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Will Christina Aguilera’s Big Ol’ Divorce Guarantee A Box Office Success?

‘Burlesque’ opens curiously close to Christina Aguilera’s split from Jordan Bratman.

-Laura Schreffler

Christina Aguilera and Cher

Forgive me if I sound like a cynic, but I’ve been immersed in the celebrity world for way too long to believe that sh** happens – without a payout, that is. Bad things that could potentially showcase a celeb in a VERY positive light typically occur right around the time there’s an album, a TV show, a film or a tour to promote. This is why I believe Christina Aguilera’s imminent divorce is more a case of strategic planning than an untimely, unhappy personal misfortune.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah – we all know Xtina can sing and dance. In fact, she can get pretty “Drrrty” when she’s letting out her inner “Genie in a Bottle.” But does she actually have the potential to be a good actress? Given the fabulously cheesy trailer for her first major movie, Burlesque (which premiered Nov. 15 in LA) I’d gather the answer to that particular question is a resounding ‘hell no!’ But are audience members going to care that Christina can’t act her way out of a paper bag if they’re busy feeling sympathetic that she’s about to become a single mom? Duh, of course not!

My guess is that most reviewers are going to slam the film as an over the top, campy cheesefest. (Um, hello, could anything starring Cher and Christina singing and dancing in corsets and crimson lipstick be anything but)? However much the movie may suck, perhaps the reviews will be ever so slightly more skewed in Ms. A’s favor now that she’s going through the big “D.”

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11 thoughts on “Will Christina Aguilera's Big Ol' Divorce Guarantee A Box Office Success?

  1. um all I think is the person that wrote this article has serious issues. I DON’T think its a publicity stunt at all and I think said author of article has a crappy attitude.

  2. I for one can’t wait to see the movie! And… I think the timing is pretty suspicious — I doubt they got divorced just for this reason but I’m sure they manipulated the timing…

  3. I was fortunate enough to see the sneak preview of the movie and I LOVED it! Even my husband, who I dragged along, who hates musicals, enjoyed this movie! And drove us straight to WalMart to try to buy the soundtrack “for me” because he liked the music so much! The person who wrote this article hasn’t even seen the movie yet and has already decided it “sucks”. Please ignore this obviously hateful individual and give the movie a chance.

  4. Reads as though the author also profits from the dishonesty and blatant self-promotion that surrounds Hollywood. Those who have talent— perform, those who don’t—criticize those who do. They provide a job for you to write your schmaltzy articles about their schmaltzy movies. You’re a leech, Laura Schreffler at Love Drekker.com

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