Will You Cut Your Hair Short Like Rachel McAdams or Anne Hathaway?

A big summer trend is to shorten your hair length for the summer. Will you try this trend and have it cropped like Michelle Williams or Emma Watson, or will you stay away from the
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BC: How short is too short for a hair cut? Or does that not apply when going short for the summer?

Jorge Luis: Well, I think it’s all in the attitude. I’ve seen some women with beautifully executed short cuts and I can tell they feel uncomfortable, so, I think confidence is the best hair accessory for a short cut, no matter the season. If you’ve the confidence to cut your hair as short as Ginnifer Goodwin’s or Michelle Williams’ cut, go for it.

BC: Is it true that short hair is easier to take care of than long hair?

Jorge Luis: Well of course, that’s an easy one; the downside to a short hair cut is that you see your stylist more often, as opposed to long hair, because it needs to be cut more to maintain the look.

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BC: Before going short, is there any way a woman can find out if she’ll look good with short hair?

Jorge Luis: Absolutely, there are several websites that offer that service. You upload your photo and you can see yourself in any length and color before you commit to it.

BC: What can a woman do if she hates the short hair cut? Is there anyway to “fix” it if you hate your haircut? Or are you stuck?

Jorge Luis: If your hair is shorter than you wanted it, my advice is to not cut it until is a bit longer, otherwise you’ll just make it worse. You can have your stylist apply skin wefts, which are hair extensions that are taped into the hair and will last three months. After three months, your natural hair is longer and you don’t feel miserable during the growing our stage.

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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  1. I find it very chic. The shape of the face can determine a cut. This doesn’t mean that women with a round or square face shape shouldn’t or couldn’t go short; it means that the short cuts they pick shouldn’t have a hard-edge to them,Great,thank you so much for this tips

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